“Allison Mack Did Nothing Wrong”: The Insane Story Of A Hollywood Sex Slave Cult, And What It Reveals About Female Psychology

by Mike Haines

Have you seen this shit?

Basically, there was this “sex cult” run (allegedly) by a dude called Keith Raniere.

It was some kind of weird “sexual pyramid scheme”

All the members were women except for Raniere — and they were organized in a hierarchy, with Raniere at the top, followed by his female “slaves”.

And they in turn owned their own “slaves”, all the way down.

Craziest thing about it is: Raniere’s “second in command” was (allegedly) a famous Hollywood actress called Allison Mack (who starred in the TV show “Smallville”)

More about the cult (via AP):

“Secretive group’s leader charged with sex-trafficking

The leader of a secretive group in upstate New York turned female followers into brainwashed “slaves” who were branded with his initials and coerced into having sex, authorities alleged on Monday in a criminal complaint charging him with sex-trafficking

According to the complaint, Raniere… oversaw a barbaric system in which women were told the best way to advance was to become a “slave” overseen by “masters.”

They also were expected to have sex with him and do menial chores for masters, and to keep the arrangement a secret or be publicly humiliated, the complaint says. 

The complaint said that many victims participated in videotaped ceremonies where they were branded in their pelvic area with a symbol featuring Raniere’s initials.

During the branding ceremonies, slaves were required to be fully naked, and the master would order one slave to film while the other held down the slave being branded,” the complaint says. 

Investigators said Raniere preferred exceptionally thin women, so “slaves” had to stick to very low-calorie diets and document every food they ate

What’s going on here?

Well… assuming the allegations are true, Raniere is an evil genius.

Whatever you may say about the morality of the enterprise, you can’t deny that creating a pyramid scheme composed entirely of attractive female sex slaves is at least creative.

I am not condoning what he did.

Assuming that any of this was non-consensual (which, according to the prosecution, at least some of it was), then he is obviously a “bad person”. 

I can’t help but thinking, though…

How many of these women, in all honesty,  thoroughly ENJOYED being a part of his elaborate sado-masochistic sex cult?

Even some of the most “heinous” charges (branding, humiliation, etc) are not all that different from what is now part and parcel of mainstream consensual BDSM…

Are we really going to pretend — post 50 Shades of Grey — that a large number of women are not aroused by being dominated, whipped, tied up, kept as “slaves”, and so on?

It’s possible this guy was a true psychopath and abuser and that all or some of these women were forced into it (with blackmail or whatever)… 

But in the case of Allison Mack, at least — this is clearly not true.

Allison Mack is the most interesting part of this story — not Raniere.

(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Here we have a woman who is:

  • beautiful
  • intelligent
  • famous
  • rich

And she chooses to not only be a part of this sex cult… but to function as Raniere’s primary recruiter of sex slaves. 

Look at this video of the two of them talking: 

This woman is not crazy.

She’s not even unstable.

She’s charming, intelligent and highly articulate.

She is a perfect 10, and if you disagree with me on this, you lack taste.

She’s “wife material”  the total package.

It’s also very clear that she is a NICE PERSON.

I would even go so far as to say (purely on the basis of the vibe I get from her in this video) that she is a GOOD PERSON (distinct from merely a “nice person”)

99% of men would be over the moon to lock down a woman like this.

She clearly has many, MANY options. 

She could date handsome, rich A-list actors and celebrities who are NOT psychopaths… who DON’T run sex slave rings… and who don’t even WANT to run sex slave rings.

Yet she chose Raniere.

So what’s going on here?

How could a woman like this become an ass-branding, slave-abusing FUCK TOY RECRUITER for an alleged “monster” such as Raniere?

I talk about this in my newsletter continually (which you can sign up for here)

It’s very simple, and if you haven’t already gotten it by now, you never will.

Women want to be with a MASTER.

You may not like this fact, but at the end of the day you must acknowledge that women CAN ONLY BE ATTRACTED TO YOU IF YOU ARE A MASTER.

This is biological.

It’s physiological.

She literally CANNOT GET WET unless she views you as a “master” — specifically, as her master

And that applies just as much to “good girls”, straight A students, concert violinists, and other high performers like Mack as it does to the collared sluts of Tumblr and Fetlife.com (who are simply more self-aware than most women, but no different in their essential impulses and needs.)

You need to get this through your head.

You can dress it up in whatever language you want. Women want to be OWNED by a strong man.

Not by any man.

But by a STRONG, POWERFUL man. 

Being owned by a chump who can’t even master himself, let alone her, is too damaging to a woman’s self-respect — hence why so many men can’t get laid.

Because if she doesn’t feel owned, she can’t feel horny.

And if you’re not worthy of owning her  if you’re not worthy of literally owning her, like she’s your property then she simply will not feel aroused enough to even sleep with you.

You may think this is a high bar to jump and it is. But it’s easier once you have become crystal clear about the problem. 

Take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself: “Would a woman want to be OWNED by me? Would a woman willingly, and even enthusiastically submit to being my slave, my possession? In all sincerity, am I worthy of that honor?” 

If not, I got news for you — you’re not getting laid with hotties any time soon.

Women will feel attraction to a MASTER whether he is a “good” or “bad” person…..

But they will NEVER feel attraction to a “slave” (in modern parlance, a “nice guy” — whose entire value system is simply rationalized slave morality)….

The process of female attraction is BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL.

Love itself is beyond good and evil.

Watch that video again. Look at how she looks at him. 

Look at the way she speaks to him.

She is clearly head-over-heels in love with this man.

Because whatever his flaws, he has some way or other learned how to KEEP A WOMAN.

In other words, he is a man.

And that makes him a rare find in today’s age.

You may not like him.

You may believe he should rot in prison (and perhaps he should — though I reserve judgement until after the case is settled, as I have yet to be convinced that these women were not consenting in the arrangement)

But whatever your opinion of him, you cannot deny that he is a MAN.

And she is responding to that in accordance with her nature — the way all women do in the presence of a MAN — with reverence, respect, love, adoration.

At the end of the day, I feel sorry for Allison Mack

Woman’s sexual nature evolved before our modern (“slave morality”-based) definitions of good and evil were developed.

A woman cannot control if she falls in love with a man who modern society regards as “evil”.

It is sad that getting involved with this guy has ruined her life and career (probably permanently) despite the fact that she is ultimately just following the dictates of her nature as woman.


But enough about her.

What is the takeaway for YOU?

If you ever needed any more proof that women want a MASTER — not a “nice guy” — here you go.

Whether you choose to exercise your mastery in a moral or amoral way is totally irrelevant to her ATTRACTION to you.

She perceives you are a MASTER, and instinctively wants to come under your OWNERSHIP — regardless of whether you are a “good” or “evil” man

For the record, I advise you to be GOOD.

(It’s better for you in the long-run.)

But it’s very important to understand that women don’t make that distinction, and they never will, because their biology predates our phony, hypocritical morality.


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11 thoughts on ““Allison Mack Did Nothing Wrong”: The Insane Story Of A Hollywood Sex Slave Cult, And What It Reveals About Female Psychology”

  1. By master, do you have to also be a provider because without providing for her and ensure her foods and shelter how can one be her master? I know pimp get around it by pimping her out and use that money to pay for her substenance. As a normal guy how do you go about it? Assume you have no resource but a dick.

    1. Yes ideally you will provide for her because that is the natural relationship between man and woman — a state of inequality.

      In practice, however, no you don’t need to provide for her — she will be attracted to you and submit to you simply because you are a man and she is built to want to submit to a real man.

      Money and these other things are not necessary. However, providing for her totally is a good ideal to strive towards — if she spends all her time at home and doesn’t have to worry about work, it frees her up to be feminine, which is good for you. Working in an office giving Powerpoint presentations makes women tense and prickly — it takes them out of their feminine essence.

      A real man can support 20 people with the fruit of his labor. What is one woman in this scheme of things? In practice, of course, it is different but I speak here of the ideal.

  2. How did Weinstein and Cosby fail? Weinstein own artists sort of but still some women didn’t fall for it. Could you shine some light on it? They had power and dominate and what did they do wrong?Thanks

    1. Weinstein and Cosby had no game. They were mentally ill creeps who forced themselves on women. If you’re a man, you don’t need to force women to do anything. They will throw themselves at you.

  3. Hi Insurgent and thank you for your articles.
    Just gotta say that I disagree with you on A.Mack being the perfect woman. Seeing her perform so devotely in the “creativity”-vid makes me want to grap her by the shoulders an shake until she wakes up from her trance. You can argue my taste if you like. Yeah.
    Might I say that when women want a man that is her master, men want women that are their slaves. Logical, isn’t it?
    So you want a slave as a woman, bro? You married? Havin’ kids? Feelin’ responsibillity?
    Sure, it works on bitches, attracting them and stuff but you’ll have to realize: There is more to love than that. There is more to humanity than that. Welcome in the real world.
    It appears to me that you just rather plainly envy this sex slave ring owner and would like to have such a ring of your own.
    Go back to watching porn, dude…

    1. Not really, because the terms “good” and “bad”, as well as being mostly subjective, are totally irrelevant to the process of attracting and keeping a woman.

      You may as well ask, “would you like to shed some light on being a GOOD MAN who is able to build a bridge”.

      Whether you’re a “good man” or not has no effect on this or any other field of practical activity. In the building of a bridge, one must speak about the materials to be used, the processes of construction, and so on. Whether you’re good or bad is irrelevant. I doubt that most bridges that collapse do so because the architect was a bad person — they collapse, rather, because he was incompetent.

      Likewise, one may be a bad man — even an evil man — and yet build a bridge which is not only safe and reliable, but imposing and majestic, and which stands for a thousand years. (Consider Nazi or Roman architecture, for example.)

      The “good” and the “evil” alike both have sex and reproduce. We may not want it to be this way, but this is the way it is. Morality plays no role in human mate selection, and never will.

      If you are looking for a teacher of morality, look elsewhere. Such teachers do exist, any many are very fine, but I am not one of them. I teach cold approach pickup.

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