Being A Bastard Works: A Red Pill Poem

By Mike Haines

All hot girls want to be with the villain, because all hot girls have a little villain in ‘em. Cruelty is the only language woman understands, so speak to her in her native tongue and she’ll lend a helping hand.

We’re told to be ourselves, be authentic — nothing more. But all too often being yourself leads to the girl being bored. Why not, instead, be interesting? Be challenging, be playful. Why not inject some mischief? It need not necessarily be hateful.

Ever gotten a phone number, then texted and been flaked? Instead make plans, then flake her first. She’ll beg you for the date. 

When talking to a 9 or 10, always go on the attack. Neg early, hard and often, then hit it from the back. (It will be the best forty seconds of her life.)

Nice guys don’t get laid, and nice guys don’t have fun. The reason women like jerks is that it’s jerks who get shit done. Steve Jobs treated his employees like shit. Ghandi slept with teenage girls. Martin Luther King Jr. cheated on his wife. Even Jesus roughed up the moneylenders.

All great men have a dark side, but far from low or shoddy, their Shadow is an essential part of the greatness they embody. Embrace the dark side, play the Trickster — be savage, cruel and vicious. To get her nude, just tease her hard — but keep it playful, not malicious.

Make her a figure of fun, put her under pressure mentally. If that fails to do the trick, insult her outright — though gently. You can call me an asshole all you want. You can scream that I’m a jerk. But to spread her thighs you must realize that Being a Bastard Works.

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