Yes, please give me instant access to the Domination Principle System! This entire, step by step system for lightning-fast seductions is nearly mine, at a price I'll NEVER see again! My purchase of the Domination Principle includes:

  1. The Domination Principle System
    Full downloadable access to the top-secret program that reveals the entire system for the first time ever! I’ll get audio read by the author, and PDF transcripts of the whole course!

  2. The Friendzone Annihilation Formula
    I'm getting Mike Haines’ proven method for turning any female friend into a casual sex buddy or adoring girlfriend… even if she's told me time and time again she "just wants to be friends"!

  3. The Confidence Pill Hypnosis
    I'll get the subliminal hypnosis tapes for breakthrough confidence. These 4 tapes will eradicate my fears, anxieties, and hang-ups around women... so next time I talk to her, I'll have magnetic charisma that turns her on instantly!

  4. Talk Your Way Into Her Panties: The Infinite Conversations Code
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  5. The Threesome Induction Sequence
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  7. Fuck Triggers: 44 Ways To Make Her Want To Fuck You
    I'll also recieve the Fuck Triggers "cheat sheet"! This "quick and dirty" 5 page guide distills the whole system into 44 tips, lines and techniques, so I can keep it with me and use it any time I see a girl I'd like to bang and want to know a fast way to make her horny!

  8. 37 Rules Of Seducing 9's And 10's
    Mike is also going to throw in his revolutionary "37 Rules" report, so I'll get his playbook to seducing Perfect 10's and other extraordinarily beautiful women...

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"You're protected by my no-hassle, 60 Day Guarantee. If you don't get a girlfriend, or love the product, just call me or email me and I'll give you back every single penny - And you can keep all the bonuses.

“I Got Laid. This Shit Works! All In All, 10/10... Would Buy Again!”


I got laid. This shit works! Can’t thank you enough. And the thing is, once I understood the concepts, it was fucking easy.

Met a girl through a mutual friend about a week ago, found out we can openly talk about sex… Got her used to touching, like hugging and cuddling a bit, early on. Pushed and pulled a bit… and in the next moment whispered into her ears, “You have no idea what I want to do to you” while dancing and grinding. Suggested going somewhere alone, and she said she’s curious (she’s 8 years younger, western European, I’m Asian, and not the most traditionally attractive at that). Didn’t sleep with her on the same day, initiated a kiss but pulled away when saying goodbye (leaving her wanting more).

Yesterday I went to town on her, and afterwards she said she has no words! (Ok, this is just my superior technique). We are now “friends with benefits”. Safe to say she’s on her way to being, if not already, addicted to my tongue, fingers and dick.

So yeah, all in all 10/10, would buy again. I’m recommending some of my friends who need help in this area to buy your book. Cheers mate. Haven’t slept much the last couple days, life is good to be sleeping much right now.

— Han

“This Is A Gold Mine For The Dudes Who Need It...”

Hey Mike,

Thank you for giving me access to your wonderful creation!

This is the real deal, straight forward, no bullshit, no sugar coating things. It hit me hard and made me see things I haven’t thought about before. The steps and guides are actually useful and they changed my mentality...

I’ve been getting more comfortable and confident in my daily interactions with women… I can definitely recommend this to others, this is a gold mine for the dudes who need it. I hope my response helps you in some way. Thank you again and good luck with your release. You’re awesome!

— Aleck

“I Tried Your Technique On Some Blondes, And Got The Hottest Girl There To Come Home With Me! She’s Asking Me To Come Over Tonight…”

Oh man, last night was amazing. I tried your technique a couple of times at some blondes, and shot at the hottest girl. Got her to come home with me pretty soon. She’s asking me to come over tonight… Here is a pic of her she just sent to hook up. What you think?

— Aidan

“Approaching Became Easy… I Definitely Noticed Girls Have A Higher Attraction Level.”

Hey Mike,

My biggest problem was approaching women, it absolutely terrified me.

The first thing I noticed about the Domination Principle was how it said to really grow my desire for a girl before approaching her. This seemed counter-intuitive, since I thought it’s my desire that makes me nervous.

But something amazing happened after I embraced my desire, approaching became easy… I definitely noticed girls having a higher attraction level. I would absolutely recommend this to other guys!

— Anthony

“This Isn’t Rehashed PUA Tips, It’s A Direct Man To Man Conversation Telling You Exactly What You Need To Know To Stop Being A Guy And Start Being A Man… I Immediately Noticed How Women Treated Me Differently.”

Hey man,

I’ve never really suffered from a lack of confidence (or so I thought), but when it came to talking with women I was a mess. My insecurities would suddenly become obstacles that prevented me from acting natural and I would err on the side of being “nice” to girls because of this.

The perspective the Domination Principle comes from is not just rehashed “Pickup Artist” tips — it’s a direct man to man conversation telling you exactly what you to need to know to stop being a guy and start being a man.

Immediately I noticed how women treated me differently when I started telling them what to do, rather than asking them. It really was just as simple as telling them what to do rather than asking. I would recommend it to others!

— Chris

“I Feel Unstoppable...”

I just wanted to say that I went through the program and holy shit, it was fucking amazing… I only tried it a couple of days… but I feel unstoppable

— Dking168

Domination Principle™ Core System $497 $67
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The Friendzone Annhilation Formula INCLUDED
The Infinite Conversations Code INCLUDED
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Voodoo Sex: Make Any Woman Your Lust Puppet INCLUDED
Fuck Triggers Cheat Sheet INCLUDED
37 Rules Of Seducing 9's And 10's INCLUDED
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“She Kissed Me, Left The Guy She Was There With, And Walked Out Of The Club With Me After 15 Minutes! (He’s Probably Thinking About Feeding My Body To Wild Boars…)”

On Friday I went out to try some of your techniques, and the results are, to say it blandly, unexpected…

I went to a summer club in my city. On the dancefloor I see an old friend of mine, nice beautiful girl, easily a 9 or 10, who friend zoned me a million years ago and I didn’t meet since… We get out of the dancefloor, small talk and whatever. Well, I am friendzoned, so THIS would be a challenge.

As we talk I look at her, use your technique, and I SEE her changing, matching my horniness more and more… She grabs my arm and pulls me to a quieter area. I go, “you look so gorgeous I feel like kissing you right now.” “Don’t…” she says. I laugh, “Yeah, better not, then you will try and lure me into sex…” She grabs my arm again… eye contact, some seconds of silence. “You know what? I will definitely kiss you now so that we can get it out of the way and then we proceed from that.” Her: “Let’s do it.” Kiss close.

She kisses me again and says, “I am here with a friend, I have to find him.” She doesn’t have any difficulty as he was observing the whole scene. He looks like a whipped dog. She’s back in 15 seconds. “Will it be a problem for you to drive me home later?” “Not really.” They talk again for 10 seconds, he leaves the venue probably thinking about using my body parts to feed wild boars. We talk for around 15 minutes… I don’t make a big deal we kissed. She wants to go home. I take the time to say bye to people and we leave together.

Recommend: Absolutely!

— Werner

“I Made A Stripper Break Down Crying In The Middle Of The Club, And Then I Fucked Her. There's Not A Man I Wouldn't Recommend This To. Heck, I'd recommend This To Jesus If I Ccould.”


I was actually going to send you a message thanking you again. I've always been a decent middle of the road guy with girls and I've been reading a lot of PUA books lately to go from average to pro, and I must say - this is by far one of the best that I've read.

I haven't really had too many problems with picking up chicks before reading this book but the Domination Principle has helped me go from being average with women to being a pro with women.

The first thing I noticed when reading the Domination Principle is that it included actual REASONING and SCIENCE behind the given information. Most other PUA books just tell you to do something but not why you should do it.

I've noticed an increasing amount of girls being naturally attracted to me. I also made a stripper break down crying in the middle of the club and then I fucked her.

There's not a man I wouldn't recommend this too. Heck, I'd recommend this to Jesus if I could. I truly enjoyed this and once again, I greatly appreciate you sending this to me.

- Luke

“The Eye Contact Technique Is Amazing, Just Doing That I Noticed Girls Looking At Me In A Sexual Way…”

Hey Mike,

I really lacked the confidence to make the conversation sexual or approach women out of the blue…

After a week of trying the Domination Principle I noticed an insane difference in the way I felt and acted around women... The eye contact technique is amazing, just doing that I noticed girls looking at me in a sexual way.

Also trying out the sexual/affection or normal conversation alteration technique with a girl I’m talking to and she is now much more promiscuous around me and even brings up sexual topics without me doing anything.

Thanks again!

— Sam