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Subject Lines:

— Pink Elephant Theory. WTF? (tap her “sexual brain”)

— do you know “pink elephant” theory? (activates her sexual brain)

— 1 weird tip makes any girl horny


Have you ever heard the phrase “Don’t think about a pink elephant?”

It’s a contradiction… right?

Because if I tell you to NOT to think about a pink elephant, it actually forces you to visualize one.

This pink elephant effect is HUGE for women.

What women want… in almost every case…. is precisely what they’ve been told they SHOULDN’T want.

Her parents and teachers tell her that she shouldn’t date guys who are “dangerous” and “bad”.

Who does she end up dating?

The bad boys.

Her friends tell her that she should settle down with a “nice guy”, and stop choosing that unemployed biker who always screws her over.

Who does she fall in love with?

The biker.

Society tells women that they shouldn’t cheat if they’re married, because it’s “wrong” and “naughty”

Answer me this:

Do you think that makes cheating LESS pleasurable? Or MORE pleasurable?

It actually winds up making it MORE pleasurable and exciting because it feels “taboo”.

And NOTHING gets women wetter than the “forbidden” ….

Why did so many millions of women buy the book 50 Shades of Grey? (including feminists, “good girls” and married housewives?)

You’d think they’d be DISGUSTED by a book that describes the main female character being used as a man’s sex slave.

In fact… it made them UNCONTROLLABLY HORNY.

It was IRRESISTIBLE because it was so “naughty” and “taboo”

That’s Pink Elephant Theory in a nutshell.

The more we try to AVOID a certain thought or desire…. the more we end up getting OBSESSED with it.

Now listen:

My friend Mike has come up with a simple way to use the “pink elephant” trick to make ANY women so horny that she’ll FORCE HERSELF on you…

And it doesn’t matter what you look like, or how out of shape you’ve let yourself become.

It makes her chase you using REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY…

And all you have to do to activate her secret sexual “wild-side”, is say the 7 word phrase he tells you in the video:

========>> LINK

Say them to a co-worker… a classmate…. or even that cute barista at the coffee shop….

When she’s walking around your apartment butt naked, making you breakfast in bed, make sure to thank me later! (and don’t be afraid to send some pics… ;-)

Watch the short presentation now:

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P. S.

Is there a girl you have a crush on?

Here’s how to plant a “sexual seed” in her mind that will have her sending you nudes by the end of the day:

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Subject Lines:

— 3 steps to a one night stand

— #1 trick to get a woman horny

— Don’t “make a move” on her unless you do this first



I’m sure you’ve heard this advice:

— “To get a woman to sleep with you, you have to make the first move”

— “Women want a guy with confidence, so just tell her you like her”

— “You have to make your move on her sooner rather than later, or else she’ll think you’re a wuss”

The problem with this is that most guys do this completely WRONG.

They think that “making a move” means confessing their feelings to a girl, telling her how much they’ve been thinking about her, or even sending flowers to her work.


This comes across as WAY too desperate and ends up scaring her away.

So how the heck do you “make a move” without creeping her out?

Let me tell you what my friend Mike considers the #1 secret to getting a girl to like you back…

Are you ready?

Here it is:

A woman will only ever hook up with a guy if she’s first imagined herself doing it in her own mind.

Let me say that again:

A woman will ONLY sleep with a guy, if she has already IMAGINED HERSELF sleeping with him in her own mind.

Sounds almost kind of obvious, right?

Well… unfortunately, it’s not.

Not to a GUY, anyway.

But ask any girl and they’ll tell you it’s true.

Women need time to get COMFORTABLE with the idea of having sex with you.

And the way they get comfortable with it is by imagining it… visualizing it…. fantasizing about it.

This builds ANTICIPATION in her mind…

She gets horny as she fantasizes about what you’d do to her… and what she’d do to you.

Until pretty soon — BAM. Her panties are on your floor, and her lips are wrapped around your…



You must paint a “word picture” in her mind of what it would be like if you two hooked up together.

That’s the secret, my friend.

You must get her imagining the sex.

And when you do, a lot of times she’ll become so transfixed and curious that SHE’LL be the one who drags YOU into bed,

and literally won’t take “no” for an answer.

So how do you this?

How do you paint a picture in her mind that gets her imagining sex… without creeping her out?

That’s exactly what Mike explains in this brand new video.

Discover the Domination Sequence now.

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This simple “7 word phrase” allows you to totally dominate a woman’s thoughts and get her fantasizing about you.

The best part is… it works COMPLETELY UNDER THE RADAR…

So there’s no risk of creeping her out and getting rejected.

Her panties will be soaking wet after just a few words.

And she won’t even why.

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Watch the short video now, and learn powerful ways to:

— paint a “word picture” in her mind that gets her thinking about sex

— get her horny, using this 7 word phrase

— trigger her “chase reflex” so she makes the first move on you

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P. S.

The video is NSFW.

It contains swearing, nudity, and uncensored NAKED pictures of REAL GIRLS Mike seduced using the technique.

There’s even a whole section which talks about how to turn a girl into your personal “sex slave” — It’s definitely NOT for you if you’re easily offended!

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Subject Lines:

— 8 reasons she’s not attracted to you (you’re not doing this 1 crucial thing…)

— 8 reasons you need to bring up the topic of sex with her

— 8 reasons why you should get sexual with her quickly (and how to do it)

— the secret art of “sexual conversation” (8 reasons this works)



Have you ever noticed how hard it is to talk about sex with a girl you really like?

Like, you could be having a beer with your buddy, and talking about sex is no big deal.

But when you’re with a girl you’re interested in, bringing up the topic of sex feels super awkward and weird.

You’re afraid to mention anything sexual in the fear that she’ll get offended, or creeped out.

Since you were a little boy, you’ve been “programmed” by society, school, the media, and other influences to think that

— girls “don’t like sex”.

— sex is “dirty and wrong” somehow

— if you’re a male, women find your sexuality “gross” and “disgusting”

The problem?

All this programming is TOTAL BULLSHIT.

The reality is…

Girls LOVE sex.

Women like sex just as much as you do, if not more.

And nothing will make a woman ICE COLD faster than saying something which reveals that you’re CLUELESS about how much women actually like sex.

If you want to hook up with a girl, you MUST be comfortable moving the conversation onto sexual topics —

and to do so QUICKLY, the very first time you meet her — not after MONTHS of “building up to it”

My friend Mike recently went on a RAMPAGE where he hooked up with hundreds of girls in the space of a couple years.

He’s found that being able to COMFORTABLE and QUICKLY move the conversation towards sexual topics is the MASTER KEY to beddding many women

(and winding up with a beautiful, intelligent girlfriend)

Here’s why that is, (according to him):

  1. When you can show her you’re comfortable with the topic of sex, it makes her feel less embarrassed and awkward about it herself.
  2. Being a “prude” is a major indicator of LOW VALUE in men — it is usually HIGHLY correlated with guys who don’t get laid
  3. When you can move the conversation towards sex, it naturally makes her THINK about sex… which … (DUH) starts to make her feel horny
  4. Most guys won’t bring up the topic of sex too soon because they’re afraid of losing her. By doing so, you show her that you’re NOT AFRAID to lose her and therefore that you’re NOT NEEDY. This is massively attractive
  5. If you show them you’re not judgemental about it, many girls LOVE talking about sex! It’s actually one of their favorite topics of conversation, and one they can talk about for HOURS
  6. When you get her talking about what turns her on, she’s literally giving you the STEP BY STEP playbook for exactly how to seduce her!
  7. Having the balls to talk about sex early in an “irreverent” way projects an “I Don’t Give A F***” attitude that is CATNIP to hot girls
  8. It shows the girl that “you get” it that she’s a sexual being (not a virgin or some kind of angel — lol)… When she sees you won’t JUDGE her for having sex, you become her ideal “3am booty call” who she can hook up with whenever she wants no-strings pleasure

Bottom line: When it comes to sparking SEXUAL ATTRACTION in a girl, being able to “subtly” lead the conversation towards sex is absolutely ESSENTIAL.

Unfortunately — most guys do this ALL WRONG.

They’re either too nervous to make things sexual…

Or they do it in “overly obvious” and crude way which just ends up offending her.

In this video, Mike will teach you one “sneaky” mind game for implanting sexual thoughts in her mind… without any chance of being “caught”!

Use this simple 7 word phrase to instantly unlock her “sexual brain”… and get her soaking wet in seconds (without her even knowing why)

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You’ll see this “magic phrase” being being used on REAL girls in this video.

1 warning: the video contains nudity, and uncensored pictures of real girls Mike seduced with the phrase.

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P. S.

Have you seen this yet?

It will tell you how to take her from “interested” to “do whatever you like to me, master”

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Subject Lines:

— 3 reasons she loses interest (+ how to get her to CHASE you)

— 3 toxic arousal-killers land you in the friend zone (Beware)

— 3 flirting mistakes that lead to the friend zone (one will shock you)

— 3 Reasons Girls Go “Cold” (When She Seemed to Really Like You)


Not a day goes by that I don’t get an email from a guy wondering why a girl he was into:

— lost interest

— stopped texting back with no explanation

— told him “let’s just be friends”

There are 3 big reasons why women lose interest in you.

If you’re struggling with the ladies at the moment, I can guarantee you’re making at least 1 of these mistakes.

They are:

MISTAKE #1: You don’t know how to FLIRT

This one is a HUGE attraction killer for guys.

Guys who can’t flirt, don’t get laid. Period.

Girls “screen out” guys who aren’t able to flirt.

Which SUCKS… because it’s not like you take a class on “how to flirt with girls” in school.

Here are some big mistakes guys make when talking to girls:

— being overly logical

— serious all the time

— not joking around enough

— not teasing her (because you’re afraid it will “offend” her)

Here’s the key thing about great flirting:

To the “uninitiated” and those who don’t “get” women — it will look like you’re being kind of an asshole!

Flirting is about teasing girls… calling them on their bullshit…

And not taking them (or yourself) too seriously.

It might look a little bit cheeky, or even “arrogant” — but what makes it work is that it’s always coming from a place of FUN and LIGHT-HEARTEDNESS.

Side note: use this simple conversational “hack” to make your conversations with girls more flirtatious and sexual

====> LINK

MISTAKE #2: You didn’t get “sexual” soon enough.

Listen: as soon as you get talking to a girl, she quickly puts you in 1 of 2 categories:

Wolf, or Sheep.

“The Wolf’ — This is a guy who “GETS IT” that women love sex, and that sex is normal and “no big deal”

“The Sheep” — A sweet, kind-hearted “nice guy”. He doesn’t understand that women love sex, and is clueless about how to really satisfy a woman — but he makes a great friend!

Guess who you want to be…

That’s right — the “Wolf.”

You must show her that you’re comfortable about your sexuality, and that sex is “no big deal” to you.

You can do this by moving the conversation towards sex as soon as possible.

If you fail to do this, and just talk about platonic topics like work and the weather, the girl will assume you must be either gay, or too much of a wuss to make a move, and will move on to other guys

(while keeping you as a “friend” and “emotional tampon” of course!)

So how do you move things in a sexual direction? I’m about to tell you in a moment.

MISTAKE #3: You were too direct about your feelings for her.

You probably have heard that “women only want what they can’t have.”

If you make it too clear that you want her, then she will quickly lose interest.


Because all the ambiguity is gone… And sexual tension can only exist where there is UNCERTAINTY.

You SHOULD let her know you find her attractive. (Otherwise she’ll just assume you’re gay)

BUT, you also must use some “mixed signals” that keep her guessing whether or not you like her…. which gets her chasing you.

The way you do this is using something called “negative suggestion”.

Basically, it’s like reverse psychology on steroids…

====>> LINK

Negative Suggestion allows you to implant sexual thoughts and fantasies in a woman’s mind… while also giving her “mixed signals” that get her wondering if you like her.

This gets her horny… and makes her chase

Even if she had ZERO interest in you before.

Discover how to make her CHASE YOU with “negative suggestion” now

====>> LINK



P. S.

If you’ve already been put in the friend zone by a girl and you need to REVERSE her opinion of you, listen closely:


This is because once a girl has already got a “fixed impression” of you in her mind as a “nice guy” or loser — then trying to act like a “player” using techniques and lines will only make you a LAUGHING STOCK.

This “reverse psychology” trick is the only technique I know which works just as well or BETTER on a girl who’s already friend zoned you.

Discover why in this short video:

====>> LINK

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Subject Lines:

— #1 most common test girls give (and how to pass it)

— Her: “I have a boyfriend”. Here’s how I respond….

— what to say if she tells you she has a boyfriend

— if she says “I have a BF”, she’s lying (how to pass the test)



You probably already know by now that women TEST men.

For example, have you ever been talking to a girl, and she said:

— “let’s just be friends”

— “I have a boyfriend”

— “I don’t see you that way”


SOMETIMES (rarely) women are being 100% honest when they tell you these things.

But in MOST cases, she’s saying these things just to SEE HOW YOU’LL REACT.

If you lose your nerve, or can’t respond, she writes you off as a “wussy”

and loses attraction.

But react in a funny, charming way that demonstrates you have CONFIDENCE and a SENSE OF HUMOR….

And in many cases you’ll be unstrapping her bra that very night.

Want to know the single most COMMON test women give you?

(You’ve probably already been told this a dozen times)

It’s the dreaded:

“I have a boyfriend”

Occasionally the girl is telling the truth and she really does have a boyfriend.

However in about 70%+ of cases, this is an outright LIE…

And she’s saying it to “throw you off your game”…

And to see how you’ll respond

My friend Mike has approached thousands of girls, and has slept with dozens of them.

Many of those girls started off by giving him the “IHABF” objection.

Here are the 3 best ways he discovered to pass this common test:


Girl: “I have a bf”

You: “Does he let you talk to guys?”

—> Subtly demonstrates how ridiculous the IHABF objection actually is. She’ll either say “lol I don’t really have a boyfriend” or “yes of course he does!” and then you can proceed to talk to her


Girl: “I have a bf”

You: “I can’t be your boyfriend, I don’t even know you yet”

—> deliberately ‘mis-hearing’/ misinterpreting her in a funny way… this drives girls CRAZY! and creates sexual tension


Girl: “I have a bf”

You: “Oh you do? That’s perfect”

Girl: “Wtf? Why?!”

You: “Because it means that when I get you pregnant, he can raise the kid. You’re just what I’ve been looking for.”

(Warning: this last one is ADVANCED! don’t use it unless you’ve got some big old BRASS BALLS, lol)

Hope this gives you some good ideas for how to respond next time a girl gives you this common (and frustrating) test!

That’s all from me today



P. S.

After you pass her tests, you’re going to need to know how to ESCALATE SEXUALLY.

I’ve got you covered.

Watch this video now to learn Mike’s #1 best “sexual escalation” technique.

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Use this simple “7 word phrase” on the next girl you meet and she’ll be begging to handcuffed to your bed before she even knows your last name

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Subject Lines:

— 5 innocent words that make her want to kiss you (you’d never guess it)

— say this right before you kiss a girl (she can’t resist)

— 1 line makes any girl kiss you (will surprise you…)



Imagine this:

You’re at a bar, and you’re talking to a cute chick.

She’s responding well and laughing at all your jokes.

you know you should “make a move”…. BUT…

You just don’t know HOW to do it without risking rejection.

Enter Mike.

Mike has approached THOUSANDS of girls (so you don’t have to)

He’s tested out HUNDREDS of different lines and techniques….

…and he’s isolated the SMALL HANDFUL that actually WORK to get a girl interested in you.

Here’s Mike’s #1 technique which he ALWAYS USES right before KISSING A GIRL…


Are you ready?

Here it is:

When the conversation is at a “high point” (e.g. she’s laughing at one of your jokes),

1. Look her deep in the eyes

2. Lean in close until your lips are almost touching…

3. and say:

“You’ll never see me again.”

Then.. go for the kiss.


Weird, I know.

Yet I’ve found that saying this line *right before* you go to kiss a girl TRIPLES the chance she’ll go along with it.

I don’t want to bog you down in the psychology of why this works, but the “gist” of it is this:

Saying “you’ll never see me again” right before kissing a girl INTERRUPTS HER PATTERN.

In other words… it completely “disrupts” all her expectations of what a guy would normally say when going for the kiss.

And this totally DISARMS her resistance. It basically “short-circuits” her mind and throws her off her normal “games” — so that she’s THRILLED to give in to her secret desire and kiss you back!

Another nice side benefit:

It’s also a playful way to let her know you’re NOT NEEDY…

And that if she DOES kiss you back… you’re not going to turn into a clingey loser who won’t leave her alone all night

(which is girls’ BIGGEST FEAR which stops them from kissing a guy they just met.)

Beautiful, right?

Try it out tonight!

I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well this weird little line works

And once you’ve got her kissing you, you can use Mike’s “Domination Sequence” to get her BEGGING you to take her home and pound her into the mattress.

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Don’t know about the Domination Sequence yet?

Watch this video now and follow the instructions:

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This will get her desperate for a one night stand… or even a long-term “bang buddy” situation.

It works no matter how old you are, or what you look like, and actually turns these to your ADVANTAGE.

Watch the presentation now to understand why, use the line on the next hot girl you meet at the club, and enjoy a pretty little stunner in your bed tonight!

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