*** 2020 UPDATE ***


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Email Swipes

1. “Big Idea” Content Style Swipes (CLICK HERE)

These swipes are based around a big idea which gives the reader an “a-ha” moment. This epiphany helps them to see their problems with women in a new context, and leads them emotionally and logically towards wanting what we have to sell.

While click through rates on these may be lower, the EPC and conversion rate will be much higher, as the reader has been pre-framed to respond well to our sales message.

These swipes also contain some great content which allows you to send them continually without burning out your list with “used car salesman” type sales pitches.

2. “Sell The Click” Curiosity Style Swipes (CLICK HERE)

These swipes make big, outrageous promises. They use classic salesmanship to activate a massive amount of curiosity and desire in the reader's mind, practically forcing him to click through to the sales video to fulfill his curiosity.

These get higher clickthrough rates and although they’re almost pure pitch, they’re also hugely entertaining and outrageous! (And as experienced affiliates know, if you can keep your list entertained then they'll always open your emails no matter how much you pitch.)

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