Don’t Fuck The Patriarchy

Huffington Post writer argues women should stop giving sex to men who exhibit “toxic masculinity”.

Some of my favorite reactions:

…this article is the equivalent of a beta schlub trying to tell the top 20% of us “don’t fuck the hot girls cuz they were mean to me.” It ain’t gonna happen.

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…you know who the biggest supporters and enablers of “Patriarchy” are? Women.

  • Men are dominant because women fuck the dominant man.
  • Men are violent because women fuck the victor.
  • Men compete for money because women fuck the wealthy man.
  • Men keep women down the hierarchy because women fuck upwards in the hierarchy.

The patriarchal system (i.e. men leading) exists because of women’s nature. The “patriarchy” is enabled by women.

Women complaining about the patriarchy is just women blaming men for something women created.

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…So yes, women will continue to fuck the Patriarchy. They will slurp on the Patriarchy’s cock and they will lick the Patriarchy’s balls. And then they will ask to be the “little spoon” after.

And the “But…but I’m a Feminist!” douchebags will go home and beat off.

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