How To Get Laid With Hotter Girls… By Viewing Pickup Like A Video Game



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If reality is a simulation, what are the implications for your dating life?

Many physicists, philosophers and technologists now believe that reality is a simulation and that we’re living in a hyper-realistic video game.

The arguments for this hypothesis are surprisingly compelling.

Though the jury is still out on whether our reality is a video game, I’ve found that acting as if it were a video game can yield powerful benefits in your dating life.

As a youngster I was shy, introverted, and didn’t have a girlfriend until I was 18. Through applying the principles I’m about to lay out, I got good at “game” in a fairly quick period of time, and went on to hook up with somewhere between 50-100 women from the age of 20-23.

Now that you know my background, let’s get started.


Step #1:


Ever seen an older person try to play a video game with their kid?

What inevitably happens?

The adult tries to play the game, gets crushed by the kid (who has skill due to experience) and then immediately drops the controller and quits in a huff.

In order to improve at something — you’ve got to learn.

And to learn, you have to drop your ego, be open-minded, and be willing to experiment.

It’s exactly the same with chatting up girls. You need to experiment, and fail in the beginning in order to eventually succeed.

That means dropping your ego, and being willing to laugh at yourself as you learn to distinguish what works from what doesn’t.


When I was first learning game I tried every type of approach under the sun short of walking up to women in broad daylight and saying “let’s fuck”.

I’ve tried direct game, indirect game, canned openers, observations, natural openers, and everything in between.

I even tried totally outlandish approaches like the old RSD “silent opener” where you walk up to the girl and look her dead in the eyes without saying a word

This is gold if you can pull it off and creepy in the extreme if you can’t. Spoiler alert: I couldn’t.


Many people would say that using such an unorthodox approach is stupid, and that your success rate would be higher from just “being normal”.

While that’s technically true, I don’t regret even my zaniest experiments, because they expanded my arsenal of behaviors.

For example, none of my friends can walk up to a pretty girl and start making out with her within 30 seconds of conversation, but I can.


Why? Because by trying the “silent opener” a few times, I learned how sexual tension works and how to magnify it through eye contact and pauses.

Now, by incorporating those learnings into a more “normal” approach, I can get 10x the results of a “normal” guy.

You have to experiment or you’ll never get anywhere. And that means being okay with trying something “weird” and getting rejected.


Video games and picking up girls have another commonality in that both are essentially about developing good reflexes.

If you mapped the brain of a guy who plays a game at a high level vs. a newbie, you’d find that the “pro” has a whole highway of neural connections in his brain which make playing the game second nature.

Picking up girls is the same way. With repetition and practice at the fundamentals, you rewire your brain and it becomes easy.

It’s not about looks, money or even confidence so much as it’s about REFLEXES.



A friend of mine is jacked, ruggedly handsome, independently wealthy and naturally extroverted. I am none of these things.

Society would typically assume that my friend’s qualities give him an advantage over me when it comes to pulling women.

Not so. If you put us in a nightclub or bar, I usually CRUSH him in terms of pulling girls.


Because while good looks trump bad looks, and money trumps broke, RAW SKILL trumps EVERYTHING.


What kind of skill am I talking about?

I’m talking about the ability to walk up to the hottest woman in a venue with zero hesitation, crack outrageous jokes until she’s pissing herself, then take her by the hand and unapologetically lead her home for a night of hot rough sex.

That’s called SKILL. It’s earned. No man is born with it. It has to be cultivated, and it can only be cultivated through practice.


Though my friend should be more confident than me, he’s not.

And the reason he’s not is that he hasn’t put the work in to learn formal game, so approaching girls feels “weird” to him.

This shuts down his personality and makes him banal, driving women away.


Remember Super Mario? Remember the mushroom power-ups?

You eat a mushroom, and gain special powers and abilities?

Well, the same thing exists in pickup. We call it “state”.


Essentially, getting into a “flow state” is like when Mario scoffs down that magic mushroom — suddenly he’s unstoppable.

He transforms. He becomes bigger and better.

Being in a flow state is almost like magic. When you’re in a flow state, you’ll reap the following benefits:

1. Women turn their heads to look at you wherever you go and flirt with you shamelessly at every opportunity

2. Approaching girls is fun and easy, instead of being scary

3. Talking to strangers is energizing, instead of embarrassing and awkward

4. You can make out with women sometimes within seconds of meeting them

5. Getting sex is as easy as walking up to a cute girl, talking to her for an hour then saying “Let’s go” and leaving together — no bullshit necessary


In short, getting into a flow state is equivalent to taking a “power up” which gives you superhuman abilities.

How do you get into such a flow state?

One trick is to cold approach one woman every day, for one week.

By the time the weekend rolls around, you’ll feel an unstoppable flow of power, confidence and energy in your body.

You’re in “flow”. Talking to strangers is easy. Approaching girls is effortless. Flirting comes as naturally as breathing.

And when you go out that Saturday, you notice that women are attracted to you like a magnet. Getting laid becomes much easier.


Stuck on a level? You can solve just about any problem by finding a walkthrough online.

Can you get a woman’s number but can’t get her to come on a date?

Do you frequently go on dates, but girls never want to “sleep over” afterwards?

Can you get the odd bar makeout but don’t know how to persuade a woman to come home with you?


There are thousands of guides available for free online, written by people just like you who used to be stuck on the same “level” but found an ingenious way to get past it.

r/seduction is a great resource. As is YouTube, RSDnation, and this site.

The best way to take advantage of the wealth of free knowledge that exists in the PUA community online is to use it to solve specific problems that you keep encountering.



Let’s say you often meet girls you like, have good conversations and even makeouts, but after some texting back and forth, they usually go silent and “ghost” you.

After this pattern is repeated with several girls, you get frustrated.

At this point, many guys get mad and start blaming women, feminism, society at large, the New World Order, and every other scapegoat imaginable.

That’s fun for a while, but if you want to solve the problem, here’s what you do:

1. Identify the problem. In this case, the girl won’t text you back. Yet she seemed to like you when you met in person. So you hypothesize that maybe your texts aren’t engaging enough to grab her attention

2. Go to google and search “seddit text game”, or “rsdnation text game”.

What will come up is a number of posts written by men who solved the specific issue that’s currently holding you back — replete with “cheat codes”, “mods”, and work-arounds they invented to get the desired result.

3. Try one of the “cheats” or strategies advocated by someone who claims it worked for them. Often it will work pretty great.

If it doesn’t work, try a different strategy. There’s very few problems you can’t solve when you attack them in this logical, targeted way.


Any problem you’re having with girls has probably already been solved by someone else.

And just like “cheat sheets” for video games, that solution is very probably available for free online, if you know how to look for it.

When you have a specific problem, Google that term + a relevant website like “r/seduction”.

There is almost no problem that cannot be solved if you’re willing to analyze it objectively, break it down into its simplest parts, then attack it using solutions that have worked for other people.

I call these solutions “cheat codes”, because they can produce miraculous results despite seeming simple.


For example, here’s my personal “cheat sheet” of texts I send a girl who’s not texting back to get her re-engaged:

1. ?

2. I dare you to get a drink with me tonight

3. [a dank meme or funny picture]

4. You going to come for cocktails tonight or will you chicken out cos you’re afraid we’ll fall in love if you meet me in person? 😉

5. Can I be honest with you? [Credit: RSD Julien — this triggers so much curiosity it often gets girls texting back in literal seconds]

6. I’m going to XYZ Event tonight, you can come but only if you promise not to embarrass me in front of my friends

7. Let’s meet up before we both forget how attractive the other one is 😉 [Credit: RSD Todd]


Let’s extend the analogy between reality and a video game even further.

Imagine that not only is life a video game, but that we ourselves are actually software.

We are software. Everything we do is programmed. We have neither free will, nor rational thought, and our belief that we do is an illusion that can be disproved by science.

Let’s further imagine that our software generally works pretty well.

If you’re wounded, your body will automatically heal itself without you having to think about it.

If a car speeds towards you, you’re programmed to jump out of the way before your conscious mind has fully processed the situation.


So far so good.

But let’s further imagine that, like any software, the software which runs our brains is not without “glitches” and “programming errors”.

Perhaps those who programmed us got lazy at certain stages. Or maybe they used short-cuts and tricks.


For example, under normal conditions we’re pretty good at discerning truth from falsehood.

But research suggests that there are other conditions in which we lose the ability to perceive reality accurately, such as when we fall prey to confirmation bias, cognitive dissonance, or one of the hundreds of other cognitive biases that seem to be programmed into human DNA.

If there are glitches in the software of our brains, it stands to reason that a working knowledge of these glitches could give a man almost godlike power.




One of the major programming errors in our mind’s software is that we have a hard time distinguishing between real experiences, and experiences which have merely been vividly imagined.

If you vividly imagine someone sticking a pin in your index finger, you’ll wince and squeeze your finger as if you’re in real pain.

Science has found that if you vividly imagine yourself playing a song on the piano enough times, you’ll play it as well as someone who’s spent the same amount of time practicing on a real piano.

Unbelievable, yet true. (See Norman Doidge, The Brain that Changes Itself, pp. 196-215.)


Few people are aware of this “bug” in our software.

But now that I’ve made you aware of it, you can exploit it to hack your own reality and make yourself irresistible to the opposite sex.


I’ll give you an example:

I used to have bad approach anxiety. I could approach a woman every once in a while — but not without great difficulty. More often than not, I choked like a dog.


Here’s how I cured my approach anxiety:

Every night before going out, I spent 15 minutes visualizing myself approaching gorgeous women with absolute confidence.

I made everything in the fantasy totally ideal to the point of being absurd. I “watched” as a taller, good-looking version of me approach stunning model girls and made out with them instantly.

I repeated this movie over and over again in my head before going out to approach women.

Almost immediately, my approach anxiety dissolved.

I would be out with my friends, see a girl, then find myself moving towards her — before my mind even had time to think about it.

I hacked my own mental software so that I had an irrationally positive expectation that if I approached girls they’d react well.

And simply by visualizing that outcome over and over, and then taking action in real life, it gradually became the reality.

Shortly after trying this experiment for the first time, I got my first ever “same night lay” from cold approach. It was like magic.




The existence of universal cognitive biases render all human brains “hackable”, if you know what levers to pull.

Social reality is malleable and can be manipulated if you understand the laws that govern it.

For example, another “glitch” in our brain’s software is known as the illusory truth effect.

This is our tendency to believe almost anything we’re told, so long as we hear it repeated enough times.

The effect has been proven in laboratory settings many times, and is the basis of advertising and propaganda.


Using the repetition effect, you can cause a woman to fall in love with you even if she had no interest before.

All you have to do is act like she’s secretly in love with you, confidently tell her she’s in love with you, and misinterpret everything she says or does as her being in love with you.

At first she’ll think you’re an idiot, but eventually she’ll start to believe that she is really in love with you.

It’s just how our brains are wired. We have no defense against a message that’s repeated over and over. We resist it initially, but eventually we believe it.

This is what old school PUAs meant when they talked about the necessity of having a “strong frame”, and how eventually the girl will “fall into your frame”.


If you simply act as if all women find you irresistible all the time, and you do so consistently, eventually women will believe that must be true — even if there’s no evidence to support that belief.

A practical technique you can use to leverage this effect is called misinterpretation.

Essentially, you misinterpret and “mis-hear” everything the girl says or does as her desiring you.

At first, she thinks you’re being idiotic. Next she starts to find it funny and even charming that you’re so irrationally confident.

Finally she starts to fall into the frame herself, and really believe it.


Examples of misinterpretation:

1. Girl: “I’m on my way home.” You: “I can’t go home with you, I’m too shy.”

2. Girl: “We’re not having sex.” You: “I can’t have sex with you tonight, I have an early morning tomorrow.”

3. Girl: “I have a boyfriend.” You: “What’s that? You’re nice but I can’t be your boyfriend.” Girl: “I said I HAVE a boyfriend!” You: “Let’s get to know each other first, then maybe later we can be boyfriend and girlfriend”

4. You ask girl what’s up over text and she tells you she’s on holiday getting a tan. “I can’t believe you travelled all that way just to get a tan to impress me”

You can actually flip anything a woman says into her wanting you. Get creative.

A good exercise is to do this when texting a girl. Anything she texts you, misinterpret as her wanting you. The more absurd, the better.


You may object that the above tactic seems extremely douchy, and you’d be right.

But stop taking yourself so seriously. It’s called flirting, and it works.

Also, girls use misinterpretation all the time. Where do you think the original PUAs got all their best techniques? From women of course.

The point is that holding the “frame” that the girl is secretly madly in love with you — and misinterpreting everything she does as being evidence of that — will often become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

To this day, my girlfriend honestly believes that I could walk out of the house at any moment and be in bed with a woman in under an hour.


Because from day 1, I acted as if every woman on the planet found me irresistible.

I talked as if she was already madly in love with me from the moment we met.

I didn’t do it in an arrogant way. I just acted and spoke as if those were the facts of the situation — while always keeping it cheeky and playful, of course.

Eventually, girls start to believe it, even if there’s no empirical evidence. If your frame is stronger (more consistent) than their’s, they always fall into it. Always.


The big idea: Start viewing picking up girls like it’s a video game. It will accelerate your results.

The main points:

1. Let go of your ego. You have to experiment to succeed. Be open-minded and willing to laugh at yourself when you fail at first. Children learn how to play games and use computers much faster than adults because they have no ego, and no fixed ideas. Be like a child.

2. Repetition is the mother of skill. Gaming and pickup are equivalent in that both are about raw reflexes. Keep your reflexes sharp by approaching women at least a few times a week.

3. Take the magical “power up” of social momentum and you’ll get laid more often and with hotter girls. Example: approach a girl every day for a week. By the weekend, you’ll be in “god mode” and able to score 8s and 9s like a machine.

4. There are cheat codes for this game, and many online walkthroughs available for free when you’re stuck on a “level”. Break problems down into their simplest parts and attack them logically, using solutions (“cheat codes”, workarounds, etc) that have worked for others.

5. There are “glitches” in our software. If you understand how to exploit them, you can manipulate reality and attain godlike powers

If you found this post helpful, you might like my advanced seduction program The Domination Principle

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