Hack Your Looks: 52 Ways To Look More Attractive (For Men)


tumblr_n0lsxwuCxp1t1xtnxo1_500I was ugly growing up, but I look pretty good now. I get approached by women about once a night (averaging it out) whenever I’m out at bars or parties.

Although looking good doesn’t get you laid without game, it definitely feels good to walk down the street and see girls checking you out.

What follows is everything I’ve learned about how to go from below average to “handsome”:




1. Drink tons of water.

2. Every day, crush a lemon in water and drink it. This will give your skin a great glow.

3. Change your pillowcases weekly

4. Wash your face every morning and every night

5. Don’t smoke

6. I’ve found doing nofap clears up my skin and gives it a healthy glow.

7. If you suffer from acne, try cutting out dairy. This plus nofap cured lifelong acne for me.

8. Cultivate a natural tan. (Personally, I’d avoid tanning salons for health reasons.)



9. Less important than people think. If you’re in good shape (broad shoulder to hip ratio) you can dress like garbage and women will still respond well. See Physique below.

10. Don’t take style advice online. What women find attractive will differ greatly depending on where you live.

11. Humans learn by imitating.

12. The easiest way to have good style is this: pay attention to guys in your environment who are dating the hottest women. Wear similar stuff to them. Sounds dumb, but that’s how you develop a sense of style that is objectively attractive in your specific environment. It’s worked for me anyway. Women regularly compliment my clothes and style.

13. Everything you wear should be simple, comfortable and functional. Basic plain t-shirts and shirts, skinny jeans, hoodies and sweaters, plus a nice watch and good shoes. These should be your staples.

14. I wear this watch and these shoes. Have done for the last 5 years, and probably will for the next 5 years. Regularly get compliments from women on both. (However, see 12. above — what looks “cool” where I live may not look “cool” where you live.)

15. With clothes, fit is more important than anything else. Uniqlo is a great place to get basic cheap stuff that looks extremely good. A $7 white tee from Uniqlo that fits you will make you look much better than a $300 Versace tee that fits badly.

16. Trends are for girls, as are (most) accessories.

17. Wear things that basically never go out of style.

18. Don’t seek attention through your clothing.

19. Find your uniform.



20. If you’re a shorter guy, there’s no shame in wearing nice shoes which are specially made to give you a boost. (There are many online stores and blogs devoted to this.)

21. Art of Manliness (no affiliation) did a whole blog post about dressing taller that you should check out if this is a thing with you.

22. I’ve never been ashamed to approach taller women, and I’ve gotten makeouts with many. However, if you’re insecure about height, just approach girls who are shorter or the same the height as you. Millions of petite hotties out there.



23. Go to a salon to get your hair done instead of a cheap place. It’s worth the investment.

24. Ask them to give you advice on what cut works for your features.

25. Don’t wash your hair too much, it damages it. Only use shampoo about 2-3 times a week, max.

26. You can learn everything you need to know about styling your hair in YouTube tutorials.

27. If you’re balding, shave your head or cut it close. Do this + get in great shape and no one will even notice you’re bald. I actually think this is a pretty sharp look for a man, and I know many women who feel the same.



28. Scent isn’t technically about “looks” but it may as well be. Women are way more sensitive to smell than men.

29. When you smell great, she’ll actually hallucinate that you’re better looking than you are.

30. Invest in a good cologne. Best money you’ll ever spend.

31. The best cologne for men is Gio Acqua Di by Giorgio Armani. It makes women lose their minds.

32. Don’t use deodorant. It blocks out your natural pheromones, which attract women. Eat healthy, work out, shower every day and be hygienic, but don’t cover up your natural musk — women love it. Research the science of pheromones if you don’t believe me. When you get to a club or bar, actively dance for 20-30 minutes to work up a sweat. You’ll find women respond to you much better afterwards. Again, this is due to the effect of pheromones. Don’t believe me? Try it. It works.



33. Lift heavy weights 3-4 times per week

34. Weightlifting is the single most important thing you need to do to become attractive as a man.

35. Weight lifting will make your body look bigger and more muscular, cause you to lose fat, and will also make your face look better.

36. Focus mostly on compound exercises like deadlift, squat, bench press, military press, and pull ups. (These = more testosterone = faster muscle growth)

37. In terms of raw aesthetics: your primary goal should be to get bigger shoulders.

38. Women are attracted to men with a V-shape torso — broad shoulders, relatively narrow waste

39. Aside from shoulders, focus on crushing it on arm exercises. Big vascular arms are key to raw sex appeal. (My arms still look like weeds because I’m a hard gainer, but for those of you who are blessed with dope arm genetics, take advantage of that shit)

40. Don’t worry about cardio too much or at all. As a man, you should be focusing on weightlifting. That’s where you’ll get the best results in terms of muscle + fat loss.

41. Your aim in lifting weights is primarily to become a more DOMINANT male. Dominance is not just about size and strength, it’s also about your mindset and psychology. Women prefer dominant males to beautiful ones.

42. View food as fuel, not as a way to titillate your senses. Eating for pleasure is feminine.

43. Eat the way our caveman ancestors did — i.e. Paleo diet. It will do wonders for your physique and face, as well as for your mood, emotional well-being and confidence.

44. Consume a lot of lean protein (steak, chicken, eggs), tons of greens (spinach, broccoli, kale) and lots of healthy fats (fish, nuts, olive oil, avocados).

45. Cut out sugars and processed carbs.

46. If you’re trying to get big, eat tons of protein and tons of clean carbs like sweet potatoes, oatmeal and brown rice.

47. If you’re trying to lose fat, cut out carbs entirely, and eat only protein, veggies and healthy fats.



Most people know they should work out, but don’t.

Therefore, a post which merely tells them they “should” lift weights is useless from the practical point of view. They already know they should. The problem is they can’t.

Here are some tricks I use to “hack” my psychology so that hitting the weights every day is largely effortless now, and has been for the last 5 years.

48. Habit engineering. Lay your gym clothes out in the morning beside your bed. When you get into the gym clothes, you’ll feel like you “may as well” go to the gym now. This will create a habit loop that makes exercising every morning automatic. My dad (who’s in his 60s) used this trick to go from not exercising for decades to working out every day without fail. It works.

49. Simplify. If going to the gym feels like a hassle, buy a set of dumbells and a barbell and train at home. I’ve done this for 5 years and I’ve never missed a session, nor have I ever stepped foot in a gym. The fact that I can work out immediately, without leaving the house, makes it much easier to maintain the habit

50. It gets easier. Realize that working out every day will only be hard for about 2-3 weeks. After that, it will be a habit and will be pretty effortless. That means that 95% of the “pain” all happens in the first 3 weeks. If you can JUST do it for 3 weeks, then, you can pretty much do it forever. Few understand this.

51. Sex pheromones. When you work out, you produce more testosterone and sex pheromones — chemicals in your sweat that make women instinctively attracted to you. Knowing that every workout you do will make women more attracted to you that very same day will make it MUCH easier to maintain consistency. Kind of a strange reframe — but this really motivated me to lift every day when I was single.

52. Facial attractiveness. Having a good hard workout with heavy weights will immediately make your face look 30-40% better. Basically, you just look more MASCULINE. Knowing that lifting weights immediately makes your face look better will make you more motivated to work out every day.



#1: Being handsome is a skill

You can learn to be handsome. Being handsome is just the result of taking certain actions repeatedly.


#2: Attractiveness = health

That’s really all there is to it.

Most people put poison into their body and never exercise. As a result, they don’t meet up to their genetic potential of attractiveness.

I made this mistake for years and really suffered in my teens because of it.

Lift heavy weights, eat well, and use a few of the above “hacks” and you’ll look good. It really doesn’t take that much — especially not for a man.


#3: Any man can look handsome, or at least above average

Hard for some people to accept, but true nonetheless.

With the exception of serious deformities, it’s my belief that any man can become “handsome” if he applies himself to it.

I’m not saying you’ll look like a magazine cover. But you will look like the finished version of a physically healthy man.

And that’s all that’s necessary.


#4: Women have lower standards than we typically think they do.

Being “handsome” is not as important to women as your vibe and energy.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been talking to a female friend, and some guy will walk past who I’d consider ugly, but she thinks he’s “hot”.


#5: For women, it’s much less about how you technically look, and much more about your masculinity, and the “energy” you project as a man.

In other words, if you can give her strong emotions, she’ll hallucinate that you’re “hotter” than you are.

I see this all the time.

Recently on the podcast Race Wars, they were talking about Anthony Weiner and how gross he is, but all the women were like “yeah he’s disgusting but he is hot.”

The guys were like “WHAT?? Anthony Weiner, are you for real?”

Then one of the girls was like, “Yeah but like, he’s not ‘hot hot’, he’s ‘confident hot’.”

The point is that if you have a very masculine, dominant or sexual vibe, women will hallucinate that you’re “hot” even if that’s objectively not true.

But what the hell is “objective” hotness, anyway?

Perception is reality. And there’s a lot of ways you can influence perception. Taking care of yourself + good game will make women see you as more attractive than you really are.

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