Hey… Are You Single?

This is the best infield pickup video  I’ve watched in a long time.

Self-amusement at its finest.

In fact, it’s the single best demonstration of self-amusement I’ve seen committed to video since Julien got his balls cut off.

The fact that there’s no pulls or solid numbers in the video itself is irrelevant.

Study this guy’s style. This is how Jedi level amused mastery in game looks.

Things to notice:

#1. Self-Amusement. This video is MASTER CLASS in making approaching fun, by saying deliberately idiotic things. You can see the girls getting drawn into it. 

#2. Deliberate awkwardness. He is making things DELIBERATELY hard on himself, such as by saying things like “what’s up… sucka” and “you saucy little dog”, as well as by pausing between sentences for an unnecessarily long time.

Paradoxically, these demonstrations of “lower value” actually work to INCREASE his value — because they function as an honest signal that he sincerely doesn’t give a fuck about the outcome of the interaction.

3. Loooong ass pauses. He uses LONG pauses to deliberately increase awkwardness and sexual tension. You’d be surprised how far this one trick can go to create attraction out of thin air.

4. Multiple layers of irony. It is not at all clear whether he actually likes any of these girls or is simply mercilessly trolling the fuck out of them. This creates a magnetic vibe which draws the girls in. 

Study this video. There’s a lot to learn.

And yeah, it doesn’t hurt that this guy is a good-looking jock who clearly lifts weights and is probably popular.

But stop whining, you little faggot.

Study the behavior.

Also… I would DESTROY that first girl.

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3 thoughts on “Hey… Are You Single?”

  1. Exelent fuck buddy behaivor..I have a couple of cuestions.I would like to know what is a womans subconcious mind telling her about the guy.How can you relate this to “primal survival capabilities” and if it is a behaivor that i should apply in other aspects of my life.


  2. Hey man I check for updates multiple times a week even thought I know you haven’t updated because you seeming don’t nowadays.
    Bring back your genius to the blog thanks

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