How To Control Women With Your Thoughts

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If you’re not open-minded, leave this page now.

What I’m going to talk to you about today will be dismissed by many as “bro science”.

If you’re bro-science-intolerant, save yourself the trouble and go read something else. 

For those of you who are interested in exploring an unorthodox theory, however, I welcome you.

Today I’m going to teach you how it’s possible to control other people with your thoughts. 


Then let’s get started:

Magical thinking

Every child has had the experience of staring at an object intensely and trying to move it with their mind. 

This is called magical thinking — the belief that you can alter the physical world with your thoughts alone.

I don’t know whether or not it’s possible to move an object with your mind. I see no compelling evidence that it is.

But can you influence another person with your mind?

I believe that you can.

Furthermore, I believe that you already do. You’re just not aware of it.

And contrary to being “magical thinking”, I believe there is no magic to this at all. The influence you can have over other people with your thoughts is perfectly explicable within the context of known laws of physics.

I believe that we can control people with our thoughts, and that we do so all the time.

I think that everyone is influencing everyone else at all times.

The only difference between an ordinary man, and one who has developed these powers, is in the degree of control.

Here is the foundation of my theory in a nutshell:

1. Our thoughts can influence our body.

This is evident in the placebo effect. If you believe that a sugar pill is in fact a powerful drug, it can cure you of serious illness.

Your THOUGHTS (beliefs about the pill) can alter THE PHYSICAL WORLD (your body). Orthodox science recognizes this fact.

2. Everything is connected.

Where is the boundary between you and the chair you’re sitting in?

Quantum physicists tell us that at the most microscopic level, there is no “boundary” between you and the chair.

The subatomic particles that make up your ass are interpenetrating the subatomic particles that make up the chair.

You are “connected” to the chair, to your room, and to your cat in the corner.

In reality, there is no “you”. The idea of “you” as a separate entity is an illusion.

Our belief that we are a separate individual which is disconnected from other people is a mirage — equivalent to a wave on the ocean thinking that it’s separate from the sea, when in reality it is merely a property of the sea.

Maybe you think that there is something special and unique about “you” which differentiates you from the chair you’re sitting in, and from the other people who share your space.

This intuitive belief in your own separateness is based on a discredited theory known as “vitalism” — which states that living matter is in some way different from non-living matter.

Orthodox science has rejected vitalism.

Modern scientists now recognize that nothing differentiates the particles in a “living thing” from the particles in a “non-living thing”.

They’re the same particles.

Everything is made of the same matter.

Everything is connected.

And therefore everyone is connected.

3. Our thoughts can influence other people.

If your thoughts can influence the matter of your own body (which they do through the placebo effect), then there is no theoretical reason they shouldn’t be able to influence the matter that makes up another person’s body.

To refute this, you would have to be able to establish some clear boundary between the particles that make up “you” and the particles that make up the other person.

And according to orthodox science, no such boundary exists.

4. Therefore, it is theoretically possible to control people with your thoughts.

Skeptical people are at this point gripping their laptop or phone with whitened knuckles, barely suppressing an animalistic scream.

If my theory disturbs you because it contradicts “science” as you understand it, I encourage you to let me know where I’ve gone wrong in the above line of reasoning. I’m curious to see what you’ll come up with.

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