How To Get Laid With A “9” Every Weekend Using The Magic Of “Social Momentum”

By Mike Haines

In this post I’m going to teach you what I consider to be the foundation of all success with women.

Without this foundation, nothing else works.

No amount of technique, “inner game” or reading about pickup will get you laid if you don’t have this foundation in place.

This foundation is called social momentum.

The iceberg

Attaining a high degree of success with women is like an iceberg.

At the tip of iceberg is your visible results, such as:

  • That blonde model you pulled home for sex last night
  • The threesome you’re arranging with your friend-with-benefits and her friend
  • Your stunning girlfriend, who’s the envy of all your friends
  • Your ability to score new poon on command whenever you leave your house
  • Your ability to walk into any bar in the world and leave with one of the hottest girls there in under an hour

Only 2% of the iceberg is your visible results.

The foundation of this iceberg — the invisible 98% of it which other people don’t see — is social momentum.

What is social momentum?

Think of it this way. Have you ever had to push a stalled car down the road to get the engine started?

When you and your friends first try to push against the back of the car, it’s almost immovable.

With all of you straining and flexing together, you can just about get it rolling slowly down the road.

As the car picks up momentum, however, it becomes much easier to push. It actually feels lighter. Now one man on his own could easily move it.

As the car gains even more momentum and speed, no more effort is necessary. The engine picks up and the car can cruise along on its own.

Getting laid regularly works by the exact same principle of momentum. 

When you first start going out and approaching girls, failure is constant. Nothing works.

Everyone you approach shuts you down. Hot women at bars look at you like you’re a piece of scum that’s accidentally gotten stuck to their shoe.

If you keep going out and approaching, you start getting better results. Maybe you go out and one girl actually responds well to you.

The next night, a few different girls respond positively.

The night after that, you make out with a girl.

The upward spiral of success

With momentum on your side, what initially seemed impossible — approaching a random woman — is now fairly easy.

And the more action you take, the more momentum you gather. Getting laid just becomes easier, and easier, and easier. Until one day you’re looking around and you realise you’re at the top of the mountain.

  • The women you used to be afraid of are calling you at all hours of the day, desperate for you to come over and “hang out” (i.e. drill them)
  • The guys who used to mock you when you approached their female friends are terrified that you’ll bang their girlfriends while they’re away on work.
  • The clubs and bars that used to terrify you now feel like your playground. You can stroll into any club in the city on your own, sober, and leave with a pretty girl in under an hour… like picking a fresh ripe apple off a tree.


Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 14.32.27

A peak into my personal life. This is what momentum looks like.



How do you get into and sustain such a state of momentum? Two requirements are necessary:

1. Approach constantly. You must approach women, and you must do so routinely.

When I say to approach routinely, I don’t mean, “approach girls when one appeals to you, or it seems like an easy situation.”

I mean approach regularly and systematically. Only systematic efforts get any results whatsoever.

Make a decision that you will go out at least 2-3 nights per week and approach women. Do this every week without fail.

If you think you’re going to get good at this without putting in the time on a consistent and routine basis, I’ve got news for you — you’re not.

That’s like people who go to the gym “whenever they feel like it”. Sometimes they go three times a week. Sometimes they don’t exercise for 2 weeks straight. Are they going to get ripped? The answer is no.

This brings me to the next point…

2. Don’t be a dabbler. If you want to regularly sleep with gorgeous young girls — the types of girls you see on magazine covers and in porn — I’ve got news for you: you can do it. It’s possible. 

I do it — and I’m neither charismatic nor handsome.

But you must make a commitment. You have to be out in the field, approaching women on a consistent basis.

This means formulating a gameplan (go out twice a week and approach women), and actually sticking to it.

Most men are neither willing nor able to do this, and that’s the reason they’ll never have a girlfriend who looks like a Playboy bunny. Not their looks, not their height, not their age, not their “introversion” — but their lack of self-discipline.

Everything is earned. The universe rewards those who are willing to work. As for those who are not — enjoy life in hell.

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