How To Get Past A Woman’s “Bitch Shield”… And Into Her Knickers

I have a guest post featured on Red Pill Doctor today.

Check it out here:

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get past a woman’s cold, bitchy exterior and into her panties.

Why do women act like bitches to guys who approach them?

What is the “bitch shield”, and how can you dismantle it?

Are hot, bitchy girls really as hard to lay as they want to appear?

Or are they actually easier to seduce if you know just the right buttons to push?

These are the topics we’ll be covering today… 

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2 thoughts on “How To Get Past A Woman’s “Bitch Shield”… And Into Her Knickers”

  1. That title is hilarious. Combine it with the featured image, and it’s double hilarious.

    Don’t be scared of the bitch face, ‘cuz bitches ain’t shit. They’re tiny, scared of geckos, and extremely insecure.

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