How To Go To Bars And Clubs Alone… Without Looking Like A Desperate Creep

Going out to bars alone is how I pulled 40% of the women I hooked up with when I was single.

Here’s everything I’ve learned about succesfully going out to bars to pick up girls alone without looking (or feeling) creepy…

One of the incontrovertible truths about learning to pick up girls is that you’ve got to do a lot of it before you start seeing success.

If you’re not approaching women on a regular basis — at least two nights a  week, hopefully more — it’s very hard to master this skill, and results will come slowly.

The problem is that few of us have friends who want to hit the club twice, three times or even four times a week. I know I didn’t.

This makes it very difficult to get any kind of momentum in pickup. The solution is to get good at going out solo.


Most guys are terrified of the idea of going to a club on their own. I definitely was.

But eventually I got sick of constantly pestering my friends to go out, only to have them flake at the last minute.

I realized I had to take matters into my own hands and go out gaming solo — or else I’d never get the quality of women I’d gotten in the game for.

What I found going out alone was surprising.

After an initial learning curve of crippling approach anxiety, I started to get better results going out on my own than I did when I went out with my handsome, popular, funny friends.

In fact, most of the hottest girls I’ve ever had one night stands with were girls I pulled while at the club alone.

Here’s what I’ve learned about successfully gaming solo.

1. People don’t give a shit about you

If you’ve never gone to a club or bar on your own, you probably expect that everyone will look at you like you’re a complete creep for being there without friends.

The reality is that people are way too concerned with themselves and their own insecurities to even notice what you’re doing.

2. If girls ask why you’re here alone, tell them the truth. Or lie. Who cares.

If you approach a pretty girl and get talking to her, at some point she’s naturally going to ask you “So, who you here with?”

I’ve tested a lot of responses to this, such as:

Honest: “I’m here alone. I was bored at home but all my friends are working tomorrow, so I decided to go out and have a drink in the first bar I wandered into.”

Lying: “I’m meant to meet my friend here, I’m just having a drink as I wait for him to show up.”

Funny: “I’m here on my own, I don’t have any friends. In fact you’re the first woman I’ve ever talked to. I’m a virgin as well. Please don’t reject me.” (This is lethally effective. Girls will usually laugh their ass off because if you had the balls to approach them and you have relaxed body language it’s obvious what you’re saying is complete bullshit)

Outrageous: Girl: “What are you doing here?” Me: “Trolling for 18 year old pussy. What the fuck does it look like I’m doing here?”

All of these responses have worked well for me. If a girl is into you, it’s never going to be dealbreaker that you’re there alone. She may find it curious, but as long as you have the vibe of a confident, outgoing, socially normal guy, she really won’t give a shit. Trust me.

Again, people are way to wrapped up in their own insecurities to care much about what your deal is.

3. The “travelling” frame

Instead of thinking about going out alone as you being the creepy guy on his own in the corner with a glass of water, think about it like you’re traveling.

Imagine you were traveling the world, visiting different countries and exploring their culture. At night, you’re wandering through the streets and there’s a hot nightclub open, with stunning women pouring out of it.

Are you going to think twice about going in? No, of course you’re going to go in and have a drink there, check out the scene, and maybe talk to a few girls. You’re traveling — the whole point is adventure and exploration.

That’s how a high value man goes through the world. So what difference does it make whether you’re in a foreign country or your own country?

The answer is it’s the same. But we overcomplicate things in our heads by acting like it’s “weird” or “low status” to go to a bar alone.

How could going out alone be a “high status” behavior in one context (traveling) and a “low status” behavior in another context (being in your own city)? 

The answer is it’s not. It’s all bullshit and mental games. You make it high status or low status in your own mind.


4. Trick yourself into taking action

The biggest obstacle to going out alone is getting out the front door.

If you think about it in terms of, “Ok, now I have to get ready so I can drive to the club and approach twenty girls” then you’re never going to do it.

It’s just too daunting.

Instead, break it down into easy little steps. Practice the art of enlightened self-deception.

For example, when I’m sitting at home about to go out, all I’m thinking is: “I’m just going to head to the club, stand around and enjoy a few beers. That’s all. No need to approach if I don’t feel like it.”

My entire first hour in the club is literally just me standing around, drinking 2-3 beers, dancing a little to the music and not approaching anyone.

Well, what happens?

I’m bopping to the music… that 2nd or 3d pint of Heineken is hitting my bloodstream… and I’m becoming more and more aware of all these beautiful young women around me.

So now I’m thinking, “Ok, just approach 3 girls. Just have a brief, pointless conversation with each one. Nothing more is necessary.”

Well, after that 2nd or 3rd meaningless approach, eventually the old pickup reflexes kick in. Suddenly I’m in “state”. My mood is better, I feel more social and talkative, and I can open without fear.

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And then just as water always rolls down hill, hot slutty club girls always find their way to a man with game. From there, everything works the same as a normal night out with friends.

Benefits of gaming solo:

Learning to game solo means more pussy, more fun, more excitement. You simply feel more alive when you can walk into any bar on your own and leave with a scantily clad woman on your arm.

It’s liberating to know that you can get laid with ZERO dependence on anyone else. Like owning your own income-generating business.

The other major benefit of gaming solo is that it’s a quick way to put your skill levels on steroids. When you get good at overcoming your fear of gaming solo, it makes regular game so easy it’s almost unfair

If you’re able to game solo, then when you go out with your friends it’s like playing on easy mode. You literally just DESTROY. 

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