The elites who control society are waging a war on traditional masculinity, to destabilize society and usher in a World Government

See: The War On Men

This World Government (or “New World Order”) is to be based on principles of oligarchical collectivism, rather than democracy and free markets

In order to accomplish this aim, the elites aim to demoralize, shame and neuter men on a mass scale, rendering them passive, docile, and easier to control

The Mass Neutering of Men began in the early 1970s, and has been achieved through the following means:

#1. the promotion of anti-male cultural narratives by the mass media and entertainment industry

#2. the funding of radical feminism by the CIA

#3. the aggressive funding of “women’s studies” courses on American campuses by the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations

#4. the “war against boys” perpetrated by the school system

#5. the war on fatherhood promoted by punitive divorce legislation which makes marriage untenable to rational men

#6. the promotion of masturbation to boys as young as 4 by the United Nations (World Health Organization) — despite evidence that masturbation significantly reduces testosterone levels in males

#7. the chemical castration of men on a mass scale, through the introduction of hormone-disrupting chemicals in food, plastics, shampoo, air supply etc

As a result of the War on Men pushed by the establishment, the modern man now lives a life of quiet desperation. 

Testosterone levels in men are lower than ever before, while depression and suicide are on the rise

Growing numbers of men are opting out of society, and resigning themselves to unemployment and involuntary celibacy

The insecurity, low self-esteem and paralyzing depression and anxiety suffered by modern men is not accidental — it is a deliberate design function of the system, because making men feel small and pathetic makes them easier to control. 

There is a War on Men being waged in our culture.


Our doctrine is simple: Self-Improvement For Men Who Aren’t Bitches.

We will resist forced feminization in all its forms.

We will resist the systemic conspiracy to neuter, demoralize and shame men into becoming passive, emasculated betas.

This is war, and we are the insurgency.

Rules of Membership:

#1. Learn game. The World Government keeps you enslaved by making you feel small and pathetic. Nothing improves a man’s self-esteem like the ability to pull 21 year old ass on command.

#2. Lift heavy weights. Your testosterone is under attack by the Globalists. You must raise it by any means necessary.

#3. Eat like a king. Restrict your diet to natural foods that would have been eaten by our caveman ancestors — lots of meat, nuts, fish, veggies. Junk food is a conspiracy to raise your estradiol and turn you into a woman.

#4. Retain semen within the body. Sex with a woman is allowed, but abstaining from masturbation is mandatory. Sex energy is the root of a man’s life force. Non-ejaculation has been proven to raise testosterone, and gives you more energy, more optimism and improves subjective well-being.

#5. Meditate daily. Unplugs you from the Matrix and lets you see reality as it is, instead of being a slave to the defiling thoughts and emotions which are programmed into you by the media and education system.

#6. Start building “You Inc”. Start a blog / online business / monetizable web presence so you’re not dependent on the system for your survival. Being a full time entrepreneur is not for everyone, but even those who have a job should diversify their income by learning internet marketing and/or building a personal brand around themselves.





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