Pickup Artist Techniques “Debunked” By Frumpy Female Journalist

According to The Metro, you’re “unhealthy” and “bad” for trying to meet women

By Mike Haines

I was recently browsing a shit-tier UK clickbait site called Metro (don’t ask), when, lodged between articles with titles like “What it’s like to be an adult baby diaper lover” and “Sex expert says she ‘broke her vagina’ after using her vibrator rigorously”, I stumbled on the following piece:

A scientist debunks pickup artists’ top dating theories and techniques” 

I always find articles like this highly entertaining.

And I find them amusing principally because telling me that pickup techniques “don’t work” is like telling me that the laptop on which I’m writing these words doesn’t work. Well, it’s working pretty damn good for me, so obviously you’re an idiot.

A simple (if rather petty) example:

Here are a few pictures of my girlfriend:

And…. here’s a picture of the journalist who wrote the article:

That’s gonna be a yikes from me, fam

I can only conclude that while PUA techniques do indeed work to attract the most beautiful and glamorous women, as they did in my case, they may not be as effective at snagging embittered, frumpy female journalists.

If you want to attract women who look like the one on the left, then maybe learning pickup isn’t for you. If the woman on the right is more up your alley, however, then I’d like to teach you exactly how I got her, and dozens of other healthy, feminine and beautiful young women. I’ve put together a short, complimentary e-book for you about that which you can download for free here.


Her Twitter feed is as you would expect… containing revealing gems such as this:

With scintillating content like this, one wonders why her engagement is so low. Patriarchy, I’m sure, is to blame… 


Seriously though… I thought I’d use this silly little “debunking the pickup artists” article as a teachable moment, by exposing a few of its most glaring problems, which are typical of the genre:

#1. Written by a woman (of course) with zero area expertise

Her other articles include such profound think-pieces as: 

So obviously, this is a person whose views you need to take seriously.

#2. Bait and switch

The article starts with the implied premise that pickup “doesn’t work” (as conveyed by use of the propaganda word “debunked” in the headline).

Yet the actual argument advanced in the body of the piece is mostly moralistic, rather than functional.

It goes from implying that pickup “does’t work” (while providing no evidence for this claim because it is, of course, bogus), to merely stating the author’s subjective opinion that pickup techniques are “unhealthy”, “manipulation” and… “bad”.

#3. Straw manning

The first pickup technique which the article supposedly “debunks” is NLP, which was popular with PUAs several decades ago in the more experimental days of the movement, but isn’t used or promoted by anyone now, so far as I know.

This shows us right away that the journalist is desperate to find any potential weak point to attack rather than trying to understand, let alone address, the techniques that are actually working for guys who do cold approach in 2018.

#4. Appeals to authority of some dipshit professor from a university no one’s ever heard of

Because of course his opinion carries far more weight than the real world experience of hundreds of thousands of men who have gotten the women of their dreams using the PUA techniques which the author is so desperate to discredit.

Here is a picture of the “professor” in question:

this guy gets mad pussy, my dude. can’t you tell? can’t you tell that women are just fucking WET for him everywhere he goes? you have a lot to learn little PUA fag*g*ot, but don’t worry, Dr. “Viren Swami” is here to help. he’s going to put you right and show you how you can get MAD PUSSY, just like him, just like he does, literally every day


But it gets better.

To make this whole situation even funnier, this same “professor” was savagely torn apart on a bodybuilding forum a few years back, when they got wind that he had led a study which claimed that… wait for it… “Muscular men make bad boyfriends”

Courtesy of the gym bros:

sour grapes? me?


And… my favorite part of all…

#5. Presents no alternative!

Perhaps I wouldn’t mind if the author had said “these tactics don’t work, but here’s what is working for my male friends who are great with women”.

But no, of course she doesn’t say this because her aim isn’t to actually HELP men by offering them useful, practical advice, but rather to shame them, marginalize them, and make them feel bad for their natural desire to find a quality mate in the most efficient way possible.


Ultimately, if you’re as passionate about the art of pickup as I am, it’s hard not to feel personally attacked by articles like this.

I literally owe everything to the game…

…and seeing someone denigrate it puts me into a murderous rage not unlike the righteous fury which is felt by every zealous follower of the “religion of peace” when they hear that someone has slandered their prophet (blessings of God be upon him!)

At the same time, you have to look at things like this in a cool, dispassionate way.

It’s important to bear in mind that this sleazebag didn’t write her article because she actually CARES about any of this.

She wrote it because she knows this is the kind of crap that will get SHARED by hundreds of lonely single women, feminist soy boys and other bug people who want to position themselves as Righteous Defenders of Wahmen on their social media feeds.

Denigrating PUAs is ultimately just a way for sad, powerless people to connect with each other by bonding over a common enemy.

And as far as I’m concerned, let them!

Let them be occupied with this!

After all, they have to find some way to endure their desolate lives.

And the icing on the cake…. 

After reading this swill…. I became curious about metro.co.uk and wanted to get a sense of what the site’s agenda is.

So I Googled it, and I discovered that the Metro is owned by a company called DMG Media, which is itself owned by the billionaire aristocrat Lord Rothermere.

Turns out Lord Rothermere also owns the Daily Mail, and is one of the most powerful men in Britain.

Rothermere was a big supporter of former UK Prime Minister David Cameron who (along with his ghoulish successor Theresa May) is a spineless puppet of the US Deep State, and pushed energetically for the invasion of Syria.

So yes… Learning techniques to make you better with women is “unhealthy” and “bad”… bombing women and children for oil interests, on the other hand—that’s A-OK! 

And yet still… the rabbit hole goes even deeper.

Are you ready for this?

Strap in, fam.

Lord Rothermere… as the name implies… is not a self-made man.

Rather, he inherited most of his fortune from his father, who inherited it from his father, whose own father (the original and first Lord Rothemere) was…

…wait for it…

…one of Adolf Hitler’s most powerful supporters in Britain!

In fact, here’s a picture of old Lord Rothermere with the big man himself!

LOL…. you can’t make this shit up.

Here you’ve got this aristocratic billionaire, who inherited his wealth from his Nazi great-grand father…. and his newspaper is forcing articles down your throat about how you’re a bad person for wanting to learn how to meet women.

I’m not even angry.

If anything I’m impressed!

Ben Polygon GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


No, dear reader… Jonathan Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere is not a man to be hated, but rather to be emulated!

Look at him here—

“suave… god damn you are one suave fuck!”


What style! what élan!

I think I just found a new role model…

The moral of the story is, don’t be one of the “human cattle” who read The Metro.

Instead, strive to be more like its publisher, the glamorous and sinister Lord Rothemere, and commit yourself to learning how to ruthlessly and skillfully manipulate the cow-people of the West for the purpose of personal enrichment.

Adolf would be proud.

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