Insurgent Media is now accepting guest submissions from talented writers.

We do not currently offer monetary compensation for submissions, but you are allowed to include one relevant link to your own website.

Links should go to a blog or other relevant content, not a sales page or squeeze page, although linking directly to an Amazon book is acceptable.

Guidelines for submission:

We are mainly looking for either:

#1. “How-To” articles that help men,

#2. high quality analysis of topics ranging from politics and culture to mass psychology and persuasion

Suggested How-To topics: pickup/game, relationships, sex, fitness, life hacking, entrepreneurship, money, persuasion, bio-hacking.

The ideal How-To post: “Here’s a problem I had. Here’s how I overcame it achieve results which put me in the top 1-5%.”

We will only consider accepting more abstract posts on politics, culture, society, etc, if they:

#1. contain high quality analysis

#2. are backed up with facts and statistics, not just your own opinion

#3. drive a message which is similar or complementary to our own (Read our Philosophy and Worldview section to get a feel of where we’re coming from)

Posts should be between 600-5,000 words in length.

Don’t send us an entire post. Please submit an outline, with the title and bulleted sub-headings. We also require that you submit a writing sample.

Send submissions to

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