The ACTUAL Reason Women Cheat


To understand how to avoid being cheated on, you must understand what women are, and what they want.

This can be summed up neatly in the following sentence:

Women — like men, animals and plants — are machines: survival devices blindly programmed by natural selection to propagate their genes.

The “aim” of any individual survival machine is to produce as many replications of its genes as possible. This applies whether that survival machine happens to be a woman, a man, or a piece of algae.

In human language, this means that both men and women are driven by an overriding genetic instinct to get the maximum number of grandchildren into the next generation.

More grandchildren means more copies of your genes. We are robots created by genes as a way to replicate themselves.

Natural selection does not happen for the “good of the species”. It only happens for the good of the gene.

All genes are in a constant war with all other genes to propagate themselves at each other’s expense. We are the genes’ armoured vehicles in this war.

We do not have free will.

We do not have rational thought.

We are “gigantic lumbering robots”, to use Richard Dawkins’ phrase, created by the genes to help them survive and replicate themselves. 

To understand why women cheat, this is what you must understand, and this is just what so many people do not want to understand.

They still cling to the scientifically discredited view that evolution happens for the “good of the species” rather than for the good of the gene. 

For example, you might assume that women won’t cheat because an impulse for monogamy keeps society stable, thereby preserving the “good of the species”.

But a woman’s genes don’t care a whit about the good of the species, or social stability. Neither do a man’s. Genes only “care” about one thing: getting as many replications of themselves into the next generation.


Imagine a girl standing in front of you right now. Let’s say her name is Karen. She’s 22 years old, slim and attractive, and widely desired by men.

Perhaps Karen is your girlfriend.

Or perhaps Karen is a girl you just met in a club — a woman you’d like to go to bed with, but who has just told you “I have a boyfriend.”

Will Karen cheat on her boyfriend or not?

The answer will be determined not by her so-called “will” or “rationality” — which are chimeras — but rather by the cold and unforgiving mathematics of natural selection.


To get the maximum number of grandchildren into the next generation, Karen is programmed by her genes to follow a number of different strategies — depending on the opportunities before her.

Note, I say strategies, not choices.

In reality, there is no choice, and no free will. Karen is a robot programmed by her genes. In 99% of cases, she will act according to the emotional impulses she feels in her body, which in turn have been genetically determined.

Karen’s body is programmed to get the maximum number of grandchildren into the next generation. To accomplish this, there are several strategies available to her.

STRATEGY #1: Get fucked by the alpha

By “alpha”, I mean a man who is in demand with a lot of women. For the purposes of this model, just forget everything you associate with the word alpha, and think only of a man who fucks a lot of girls: a womanizer.

Let’s say an alpha male sleeps with 200 women over the course of his life, and fathers 16 children. (These are just arbitrary numbers.)

If Karen has the alpha male’s kids, her sons will inherit his genes, and are likely to be womanizers themselves. Each son will thus produce an average of 16 grandchildren for her.

So far, getting fucked by the alpha gives Karen +16 points for each son she bears. That is, 16 grandchildren.

The downside of fucking the alpha is that he’s less likely to stick around and provide support. In the evolutionary environment, this means higher risk of child mortality.

If we arbitrarily put this risk at 50%, then each son Karen bears for an alpha is actually worth only +8 points.

STRATEGY #2: Get a husband/monogamous boyfriend

Karen’s other option is to get fucked by a guy who’s not widely desired by women, and settle down in a monogamous relationship, which he will happily do because he has no other options.

Let’s say that this regular mediocre guy sleeps with 10 women over the course of his life, and fathers 5 children total, on average. Any sons he has will inherit his genes and are likely to get a similar result.

Each child Karen bears for this “beta male” is therefore worth +5 points. (5 grandchildren, as opposed to the 8 potential grandchildren she’ll have if she mates with the alpha on this occasion instead.)

This makes having the beta male’s kids less valuable than getting impregnated by the alpha male.

The upside of this strategy, however, is that Karen’s offspring will benefit from a lot of PARENTAL INVESTMENT provided by the beta male — who is more likely to stick around and support the kids, leading to less chance of infant mortality.

Thus, in this arbitrary model, we will subtract no points for infant mortality if Karen takes Strategy #2.

So Karen gets +8 points if she fucks the alpha, and +5 points if she settles down with the beta.

These are just arbitrary figures, of course. You could easily change the values and make marriage the better play from an evolutionary point of view.

But this is to miss the point — which is that there’s a THIRD strategy available to Karen.

And if she can pull it off, this third “rogue” strategy provides her genes with the best possible outcome, far eclipsing the value of either of the other two conventional strategies.

STRATEGY #3: Fuck the alpha and cuckold the husband

In this strategy, Karen gets fucked by the alpha male, then deceives her beta husband into raising the alpha male’s children as his own.

Assuming the husband does not detect the deception, it doesn’t matter what arbitrary figures we put on the replication value of loyal beta or unfaithful alpha — having the alpha’s kid and getting the husband to raise it will always be a winning hand, genetically.

This is because this strategy yields the +16 points of fucking the alpha, while minimising the possibility of child mortality and giving the offspring the best possible chance of getting into the next generation healthy, fit and well-adapted.

Using this simulation, we would expect by the logic of natural selection that females who have genes for getting fucked by the alpha and tricking a beta into raising his kids will eventually become dominant in any gene pool they’re introduced to.

But this is just a “back of the napkin” calculation. 

It doesn’t really play out like this in real life.

Or does it? 

According to the prestigious medical journal the Lancet: “The true frequency of non-paternity is not known, but published reports suggest an incidence from as low as 1% per generation up to about 30% in the population.

In other words, as many as 3 out of every 10 fathers may unwittingly be raising another man’s child.

This model does more than just explain paternity fraud, however.

It also shows why women have a natural impulse to have casual sex with an alpha male, even and perhaps ESPECIALLY if they’re already in a relationship — because  they can get the provider to raise the alpha’s children as his own, thus maximising the benefit of both fundamental reproductive strategies.

It is thus, paradoxically, that we reach the conclusion that girls who are in relationships will often be MORE likely to fuck you than girls who aren’t.

And this is exactly what I’ve experienced in my own life: many of the easiest pulls I ever had were with girls who had boyfriends or even fiancés.


Answer: Be the alpha male who gives women strong emotions.

Don’t know how to do that?

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