The War On Men, Part II: How To Fight Back

The INSURGENT Guide To Reclaiming Your Masculinity



In Part I, I talked about how the elites who rule our world have been waging a multi-decade war on traditional masculinity in order to destabilize society and make people easier to control.

In this post I’m going to show you can you fight back, reclaim your masculinity, and reap the benefits of being a Man, rather than a dickless pussified beta male drone.

These benefits include:

  • Dating hotter girls
  • Getting laid whenever you want
  • More physical and mental strength
  • Improved mood
  • Increased ambition, will-power, self-discipline and drive
  • More financial success
  • Disappearance of shyness, social anxiety and depression
  • Women check you out at the grocery store and flirt with you at the bar
  • Feelings of optimism, gratitude and joy attend your day to day life


That’s it. That’s all this comes down to.

Being a man fundamentally means having high testosterone.

And when you raise your testosterone, your life will magically change in ways you’d never believe.

As a man, testosterone is your life force.

Without it, you lack the drive and energy and optimism that makes life worth living.

With it, there is no challenge which you can’t conquer.


Testosterone is the Win Molecule. If you could distill WINNING into a single chemical compound, it would be testosterone.

It makes you strong, hairy, aggressive and competitive — which women love. But it does more than that. It stabilizes your mood and psychology.

Evidence suggests that depressed men tend to have low testosterone, and that when their testosterone levels are increased, their mood improves.

Testosterone is also the primary cause of your sex drive — and by extension, your ambition, will-power and self-discipline (which are derived from sexual energy).

Testosterone is therefore essential for success and achievement in life.

The elites and feminists hate testosterone because it makes men feel, look and act like Men — and this they do not want.

Men have to be made to feel small and pathetic.

They have to their ambitions, desires and abilities restricted — like the lower castes’ in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

It’s no surprised then, that much of the food we eat almost seems to have been [deliberately engineered to lower testosterone in men].

The same goes for porn and masturbation.

Scientists have found that abstaining from ejaculation for just 7 days has been found to increase baseline testosterone levels in men by 145%.

Yet everyone from the British Government to the World Health Organization pushes a narrative that masturbation is “healthy” and “good for you”.

In fact, the UK government gave a pamphlet to teens which encouraged them to orgasm at least once a day.

And the World Health Organization says children as young as 6 should be taught how to masturbate.


Because training boys to masturbate from a young age wreaks havoc on their testosterone levels, turning them into the docile, passive little bitches the establishment needs them to be.

That brings us to the first step of reclaiming your masculinity, skyrocketing your testosterone and getting laid more…   

STEP #1:


sex drive pyramid.001

I’m not trying to force a puritanical agenda down your throat. I’m simply encouraging you to try a simple and risk-free experiment.

The experiment is this:

You’re allowed to jerk off once a week — every Sunday.

As the science shows, the 145% rise in testosterone occurs after just 7 days of abstaining — so this will be enough time to start seeing the effects.

If you cut down the amount you masturbate to once a week, you’re going to notice a few things.

For one, you feel better. You go through the world with more confidence and ease. You have more energy, you feel more optimistic, and life is just easier.

You’ll also notice that women gravitate towards you like flies to shit. 

Your sex drive is through the roof, and women can sense it. It’s like they can smell the sexual energy off you. You’re more dominant, more assertive and more flirtatious, and chicks eat it up.

There’s also evidence that not masturbating might increase your body’s production of sex pheromones — airborne chemicals which make women aroused and when they come into contact with them.

(See: Do Pheromones Play a Role in Our Sex Lives?)

My basis for saying this is a mixture of personal experience, and deduction from the scientific literature on pheromones.

Basically, the male sex pheromones are believed to be metabolized from testosterone.

And if not masturbating increases testosterone (which science shows it does) then it must also increase the concentration of pheromones in your sweat, and make you more attractive to women who come into contact with you.

That has indeed been my experience.

If I don’t ejaculate for a period of about two-three weeks straight, I frequently see girls checking me out, making inappropriate eye contact with me, and even approaching me and starting conversations.

Nothing like that EVER happens to me when I’m jerking off regularly.

Not masturbating makes you more attractive to women. It’s simply a fact.

Try it for a month. Prove me wrong. You won’t be able to.

You’re going to have so many girls trying to fuck you you’ll be beating them off with a stick.

That’s the power of science.

STEP #2:   


Aim to lift heavy weights in compound exercises at least three days a week – optimally five days a week.

Consistent weightlifting yields both a short-term boost in testosterone, and increases baseline testosterone over the long-term.

There are a couple of “hacks” to optimize your training sessions for maximum testosterone:

Focus on deadlifts, squats, pull ups, rows, bench press and military press. Only work in vanity exercises like curls as an extra.

Exercise your whole body every workout. Studies have shown that performing leg exercises (e.g. squat) immediately after training arms produces a substantial spike in testosterone, which is not produced if only the upper body is trained.

Rest for exactly 90 seconds between each set. This has been found to be the optimal amount of rest time for increasing for testosterone. (By contrast, 60 seconds is optimal for muscle growth.)

Avoid endurance sports like long-distance cycling and running. These appear to be detrimental to testosterone levels in men.

Don’t overtrain. Both testosterone and muscle grow during rest periods.


1. Decomplicate. Don’t worry about joining a gym (at first).

Simply buy a set of dumbbells and a barbell and train at home.

You want to make it as easy and effortless to work out as possible.

Getting the bare bones of a “home gym” means that you can have your day’s workout done within thirty minutes of waking up.

No traveling, no driving, no dealing with people. You get up, you hit the Iron and you go to work feeling like a king.


This will also save you thousands of dollars in the long term. 

It amazes me that keeping things simple by working out at home isn’t emphasized more in the fitness community.

I’ve never had a problem with maintaining consistency (I’ve lifted weights 5 days a week for the last 5 years), and I largely attribute it to the fact that I work out at home.

Now… of course getting a trainer is always a good idea.

However, in terms of getting started and building the habit of working out, keep things extremely simple for your first 6-12 months. Just get a barbell and some dumbells and work out at home every day at the same time.

This lack of additional “layers” between you and exercise will make it much easier to conquer procrastination.

2. Small wins are the key to motivation.

Set small goals at first, not big ones. To begin, just do the bare minimum.

Feel free to do as little as twenty or even just ten minutes of weight training a day for the first several months.

Even this will give you a “kick” in terms of energy and masculinity – especially if your body isn’t used to exercise.

One of the biggest impediments to starting is viewing it as a larger investment of time and energy than it needs to be.

Take small actions now and the rest will fall into place naturally as you gain a “taste” for the benefits.

I spent my first year of exercising just doing pushups and situps for 15 minutes a day – that was all.

And while that’s not much of a workout, I built my consistency so effectively in that first year that the habit of working out became embedded in my “mental software” forever.

But if I’d tried to set huge goals (doing 10 sets of heavy weights per day, like I do now) I would never have stuck with it. It would have been too much.

3. Realize that forming a habit is only hard for the first 2-3 weeks. Then it becomes easy.

It only takes about thirty days to form a habit, and then it will become second nature, like brushing your teeth.

Initially, you’re going to feel a lot of resistance to pumping iron every day.

What’s worse, you’ll be discouraged by how hard it is to force yourself to do it — and you’ll wrongly get the impression that it’s always going to be that hard.

But it’s not. I work out every day at the same time and it takes me ZERO discipline or will-power.

In fact, I feel kind of groggy and irritable if I skip a workout — and this makes me crave exercise. Honestly, if somebody prevented me from lifting weights, that would feel like a form of torture.

I’d become depressed and despondent, irritable, and my mood would fall through the floor.

So it takes me zero willpower to work out — same as it takes me zero willpower to eat when I’m hungry.

That’s the result of getting in a habit. It’s hard initially, but not for long.

The crucial point is just forcing yourself to do it for those first 3-4 weeks. After that it’s your autopilot behavior, and you won’t even think twice about it.

STEP #3:   


What’s the main difference between a wild animal and a domesticated one?

The cheetah is tearing into live flesh and blood on a regular basis.

The house cat is being fed airtight packages of mush invented in a laboratory, containing something which may have been, in a distant life, animal protein.

As a result, the house cat is weak, and the cheetah is strong.

The house cat is just about capable of scampering away from a dog.

The cheetah has more power and aerodynamically streamlined precision than an exotic sports car.

The house cat is, on some level, an animal which should not exist – an illegitimate sub-creature which could only have been created by the folly of man.

The cheetah is a fully operational Nietzschean killing machine – precision engineered by millions of years of natural selection on the killing fields of West Africa.

If you want to be a wild animal rather than a domesticated animal, you need to eat like one.

That means lots of protein, and lots of healthy food from natural sources.

Here’s how the ideal diet for high testosterone will look:

Tons of steak, chicken, eggs, salmon, and whey protein.

Lots of healthy fats like almonds, brazil nuts, fish, avocados, olive oil.

Lots of greens. Broccoli, spinach, kale, celery, etc.

Avoid foods that are high in T-killing trans fats, which basically means get rid of of all junk food (potato chips, fast food, muffins, doughnuts, cookies, cakes, etc)

Every night, take cod liver oil, vitamin D3, zinc, and selenium before going to bed. This is a “secret formula” for rapidly boosting your natural testosterone level. (Credit: Tim Ferriss)

Now a lot of you will say, “But that stuff doesn’t taste good!”

Look, you have two choices.

You can eat the sugary fucking garbage that the corporations want you to eat, and be a dickless beta slave like everyone else.

Or you can eat the food that man is built to eat and feel like a fucking tiger when you walk down the street.

Those are really your only two options.

Do you want to be a chode, or a conqueror? The main difference is the food you eat.

The foods you put into your body affect how your brain functions. They actually change your personality and mood.

If you want to go through life like a one-legged man in a kicking contest, by all means be my guest. Eat the poison that those around you put into their bodies, and live the pathetic and worthless lives they do.

Or eat like a Spartan and reap the benefits.

STEP #4:


Here’s something else you should be doing: approaching women every day.

Approaching women shoots a fuck load of testosterone straight into your brain.

Do it every day and within a week you’ll feel like the engineers who program our simulated reality have put you into God Mode.

It’s like the ultimate glitch in the Matrix.

When you approach a hot girl, your DNA is like, “Hold up! Sexy ass bitch 12 o’clock! Fill this motherfucker’s brain with INTERNAL COCAINE so that he has the mojo to get her naked and shoot cum into her pussy to make more replications of us!!!”

That’s actually how DNA talks, by the way.

Anyway, the point is that the more you approach girls, the more your testosterone rises.

And the more your testosterone rises, the more girls can sense you’re a dominant man who’s in the zone, and they start throwing themselves at you like whores.

It’s fucking wonderful.

And it means that you really don’t need to worry about rejection. If I get rejected ten times in a row, I’m HAPPY — because guess what?

I’ve just talked to ten girls, and my testosterone has just shot up ten times.

This makes me feel like a fucking GOD, and now I’m in the zone, and there’s zero fear of approaching or rejection.

In this state, it’s pretty easy to get laid.

You just have to not approach a girl, talk to her for a while, take her by the hand and say “come with me” and bring her home with you.

As long as you’re not a mutant, 1 in 10 girls will be like “yeah okay”, and then you can superman that hoe, kick her out, and do it all again tomorrow.

Approaching girls on a daily basis is the best cure for depression I know. Even better than working out. 

It’s like jumping out of an airplane. Initially it’s terrifying but after you do it, there’s an incredible rush of endorphins.

It’s like doing a line of coke or a shot of espresso — it wakes you the fuck up.

You feel incredible. Your mood improves, you laugh more, you’re more charismatic and talkative.

A lot of you are scared of rejection. But getting rejected is good for you.

If you’re not getting rejected at least once a day, I’ve got news for you: you’re a fucking bitch.

And that includes me by the way. I don’t approach women anymore since I’m in a relationship.

And guess what? It’s turned me into a fucking pussy.

You NEED to be rejected on a daily basis to feel alive. 

In our ancestral environment, we had to run away from sabertooth tigers and smash rival men’s heads in with rocks to stop them raping our wives and daughters.

But we don’t get any excitement like that any more.

So you have to do SOMETHING to wake you the fuck up and get your adrenaline pumping. It might as well be approaching girls.


Being a man means having high testosterone.

Most “men” in our society are low T.

This is exactly what our technocratic globalist overlords want. Low T men are less ambitious, less aggressive, more docile and submissive, thus easier to control.

In order to maintain their power, the elites will do everything they can to lower your testosterone, confuse the normal gender roles, and turn you into a woman.

But if you want to live the good life, you can’t let them do that.

Men are meant to be men. All else is confusion.

Many of you complain about problems in your life which would not exist if you were Men, rather than “men in quotation marks”.


  • When you’re a Man, you can score new pussy whenever you want. It’s as simple as leaving your house, approaching 25 women, expecting that 24 will reject you, then shooting your load into the one who inevitably says yes.
  • When you’re a Man, you don’t try to get a girlfriend. Girls try to become your girlfriend, and you say yes or no (usually no).
  • When you’re a Man, your girlfriend wants to have sex with you more often than you want to have sex with her.
  • When you’re a Man, your girlfriend doesn’t nag you, start fights, or cheat on you, because she knows that you’ll simply leave her without saying a word and go and fuck another girl that very night. This constant dread keeps her on her toes and makes her sweet as sugar to you at all times.

This is the reality of life when you’re a Man.

And the essence of being a Man is doing things which pump your testosterone levels on a daily basis.

Lift heavy things. Eat steak and eggs.

Stop wasting your seed by jerking off every day. Semen is the essence of life force in men. Let semen accumulate in your body without ejaculating (other than inside a fertile young women). It will make you more energetic, optimistic and ambitious.

Leave your house. Approach women. Talk to people.

These are simple things.

But if you do them every day for even a few weeks they will have a profound effect on your biology. They’ll rewire your brain, make you more intelligent, and cause you to emit pheromones in your sweat that make girls feel high when they’re near you.

You’ll start look and feel like a PREDATOR — and you’ll love it.

That’s because living in this way is how you’re supposed to live. This way and not some other way.

Now get out there and WIN, you sons of bitches.

Want to know how to put a woman in a “sexual state” in under 30 seconds? Try my advanced seduction program, The Domination Principle — Risk FREE for 60 days

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