The War On Men, The “New World Order”, And Demasculinization



Part i.

The Fall Of Man

Everywhere we look in our culture, traditional masculinity is under attack.

Elites within the feminist movement, the education system, and the media have converged to wage a global War on Men.

In their view, heterosexual masculinity is The Enemy.

And they won’t be happy until they have either wiped out straight males altogether, or programmed the rising generation to feel so much shame and guilt for being an evil, dirty, sleazy man that they can barely get out of bed in the morning without thinking about putting a gun in their mouth an’d ending it now.


It starts in school, where boys are now doing worse than girls due largely to grades being awarded for “good behaviour” — which automatically punishes the healthy masculine urge to play rough and be aggressive.

In the words of psychologist Michael Thompson, boys in our school system are treated like “defective girls” and told by authority figures that if they want to succeed, they better start becoming more girlish.

As Christina Hoff Sommers put it:

“Gender experts at Harvard, Wellesley, and Tufts, and in the major women’s organizations, believe that boys and men in our society will remain sexist (and potentially dangerous) unless socialized away from conventional maleness.

It may be too late to change adult men: boys, on the other hand, are still salvageable — provided one gets to them at an early age.

Such thinking presents a challenge that many an egalitarian educator is eager to embrace. As one keynote speaker at a convention of gender-equity experts pointed out to her audience, ‘We have an incredible opportunity. Kids are so malleable.’

The belief that boys are being wrongly ‘masculinized’ is inspiring a movement to ‘construct boyhood’ in ways that will render boys less competitive, more emotionally expressive, more nurturing — more, in short, like girls. Gloria Steinem summarizes the views of many in the boys-should-be-changed camp when she says, ‘We need to raise boys like we raise girls.’”


In the culture at large, men are demonized for “objectifying women” — a catch-all phrase which has no meaning except to provide blanket cover for attacking male sexual desire itself.

It doesn’t matter that the concept of objectification has no meaning (men want to fuck women, not objects).

Like most postmodern feminist ideas, the concept of sexual objectification was never intended to reveal the truth about sexual relations, but to obscure it, and to allow the feminists to portray normal biological impulses as pathological drives.

Being attracted to fertile, healthy 18 year old girls is “perverted” — you should be ashamed of yourself.

Wanting to have sex with a lot of women — what are you, some kind of sleazy “pickup artist”?

Don’t make eye contact with a woman — that’s street harassment.

Don’t approach women without their consent — that’s a hate crime.

And don’t even try to defend your sick perverted desires with an appeal to biology and science — Don’t you know the scientific method is really an oppressive patriarchal institution?


All this social programming is sending boys a clear message: Being being straight, and being male, is a disease.

In fact, our overlords in the media and the education system have been so successful in selling males the idea that we’re evil and disgusting that boys as young as 4 are now asking to get gender re-assignment surgery.

Many people find it shocking that a 16 year old boy would even want to be castrated, let alone be granted that request.

Yet should we really expect anything different when the mass media portrays being turned on by a fit, healthy woman as “sleazy” and “creepy”, while championing men who want to cut their own genitals off as heroes and cultural icons?

See: Gavin McInnes — Cover Girl’s new model is a boy: Part of war on men


“When I check out women, what is really going on with me? Is it just normal because I’m a heterosexual guy that likes women?

I took this question to my personal therapy many times. I was never satisfied with my therapist’s response, so then I took it to the meditation cushion and my male friends. I contemplated it for many months and had many, many discussions with my male friends and mentors.”

— excerpt from “Why Men Objectify Women”, by Jayson Gaddis,

The scary thing is that the modern feminist project to “raise boys like we raise girls” has worked.

Our society has created a whole generation of introspective, pussy-whipped, overly-sensitive little bitches.

Men, if you can call them that, who would rather rot in front of the computer, play video games and watch porn than have sex with a living breathing woman.

Men who are so scared out of their wits of seeming “creepy” or “sexist” that they’ve resigned themselves to involuntary celibacy, abandoning the search for a mate altogether.

“Men” who can’t hold eye contact with an attractive woman, let alone talk to her, and who’d rather bitch on Reddit about how they haven’t had a match on Tinder for 6 months than go out and approach a girl in *gasp* The Real World.

And “men” who write tortured, 3,000 word articles about “the objectification of women”, in which they wonder aloud: When I check out a woman, what’s really going on with me?

What’s going on with you is that you’re a healthy human being who has a fucking pulse.

Man up, you fucking pussy. And stop apologizing for being a male.


The agenda of the War on Men is simple:

They want you to feel small and pathetic, because it makes you easier to control.

But who are “they”, exactly?

The “red pill” movement which has emerged online blames feminism for the sad state of modern masculinity and for the War on Men which is being waged in the culture at large.

However, to assume the feminists really have that much power is to give them, in my view, far too much credit.

As I intend to prove in this article, feminists and social justice enthusiasts are merely pawns —the unwitting instruments of powerful forces in our society who are playing a much deeper game.

With your permission, today I’d like to take you on a journey down the rabbit hole — deeper, perhaps, than you’ve ever wanted to go.

I’m going to expose exactly why the War on Men is happening, who’s behind it, and who profits from it.

As I intend to show, the de-masculinization which is occurring is not accidental.

It is, in fact, the result of a vast multi-decade experiment in social engineering — the aim of which is to weaken the self-discipline, will-power and ambition of males, and transform them into passive and effeminate drones, who are more likely to do what they’re told.

Part ii.

Down The Rabbit Hole

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore…”

— Dorothy, arriving in Oz

Our story begins with a man named McGeorge Bundy.

Here is a picture of him:

He was a powerful political figure in the U.S. Government of the 1960s, and one of the chief architects of the Vietnam War.

And then, in 1971, Bundy created modern feminism as we know it.

As President of the Ford Foundation, Bundy was approached by a group of feminists who wanted the foundation to help their movement.

In the words of Kimberly Schuld of the Capital Research Center:

“The result of those early discussions was a full-fledged women’s project to fund the small number of existing women’s advocacy organizations, and also to create a whole new field within academia known as ‘women’s studies.’

In 1972, Ford announced the first $1 million national fellowship program for ‘faculty and doctoral dissertation research on the role of women in society and Women’s Studies broadly construed.’ ”

Along with the Ford Foundation, the promotion of modern Women’s Studies on American campuses was also funded with millions of dollars from the Rockefeller Foundation — a non-profit organization set up by the billionaire industrialist Rockefeller family.

According to Schuld, women’s studies programs received a staggering $36 million between 1972-1992 from the Ford, Rockefeller and other wealthy tax-exempt foundations controlled up by bankers and industrials.


You should be.

After all, the stated aim of modern feminism is to subvert the patriarchal power structures of modern capitalist society. 

Yet when we follow the money, we find that modern feminism was funded in large part by the very elites which it claimed to be fighting — by the bankers, industrialists and shadowy U.S. defense elites who controlled the major foundations.


In fact, it turns out that Gloria Steinem — one of the most influential women in modern feminism and a spokeswoman of the movement — received funding from the CIA, according to the New York Times.

Steinem does not deny this.

Interestingly, however, in 1979, when the Village Voice attempted to expose exactly what her relationship with the CIA, Steinem threatened massive legal action and they backed down.


Feminism purports to be a socially subversive movement which aims to upend the unjust power structure of society.

Follow the money, however, and you find that feminism was funded by the very shadowy interests which feminists claimed to be rising up against, such as:

  • The United States defense establishment, as personified by McGeorge Bundy
  • Billionaire industrials and bankers like the Rockefellers and Fords
  • The CIA


Why might they have done this?


Let’s put this in context.

It’s the late 1960’s. The social system of the United States is crumbling.

There’s blood in the streets, and a social insurrection is brewing among the students and lower classes.

The Weathermen have just taken over Students For A Democratic Society — and are calling for a full-fledged revolutionary mass movement, which unifies the students, workers and minorities irrespective of race or gender.

The political and business establishment feels threatened.

Richard Nixon (who I have a lot of respect for) sums up the mood of the times this way:

“Riots were also the most virulent symptoms to date of another, and in some way graver, national disorder — the decline in respect for public authority and the rule  of law in America. Far from being a great society, ours is becoming a lawless society.”

Surveying the scene, the elites look at feminism and conclude that it could be used to DIVIDE and FRACTURE the revolutionary movement.

This is indicated by a declassified FBI memo from 1969:

“The Women’s Liberation Movement may be considered as subversive to the New Left and revolutionary movements as they have proven to be a divisive and factionalizing factor… It could be well recommended as a counterintelligence movement to weaken the revolutionary movement.”

— August 1969 report by the head of the San Francisco FBI office, cited in Frank Donner, The Age of Surveillance (New York: Vintage Books, 1981), p. 151.



In other words, the establishment realized that so long as the Left were divided along gender lines, they would not pose a threat to the entrenched interests who ruled society.

And, sure enough, around this time the establishment then start bankrolling feminism on a massive scale.

In the early 1970s, we find everybody from the CIA to the Rockefellers and Fords funding Women’s Lib — from Ms Magazine to the growth of Women’s Studies on campuses.

The establishment got what they wanted — a divided Left, who cared more about splinter issues than economic revolution.

The hardline feminists got what they wanted — a platform to spread their uncompromising anti-male ideology.

Meanwhile, other voices in the feminist movement who advocated for the mutual wellbeing of women and men alike were shoved aside.

Here’s a video of “dissident” feminists Camille Paglia and Christina Hoff Sommers talking about how the feminist movement was taken over by anti-science man-haters:



The men who controlled business and government found anti-male feminism distasteful. At the same time, they understood the necessity for it.

Radical feminism fractured the Left-leaning masses between men and women, and split the revolutionary movement into mutually antagonistic camps based on gender and sexual identity.

In this way, it takes anti-establishment antagonism and redirects it into relatively harmless pursuits, maintaining the status quo and providing the elites with “a measure of order, that we could control.”

But over time, as society shifted, feminism changed and mutated.

It went from being used by the U.S. military industrial establishment as a way to split the Left… to a weapon for destabilizing society itself.

And it created a cultural shift which allowed a small group of men to gain unprecedented levels of wealth, influence and power.

Part iii.

“Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change.”


Our society is one which is marked by growing wealth inequality, and the rise of an oligarchical form of government which is unaccountable to voters.

The attempt by powerful bankers and industrialists to shift the United States away from a system of democracy and towards one based on oligarchical collectivism, and to create a World Government, goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, and is a matter of Congressional record.

Those who have created, and benefit from, this new global oligarchy are not stupid.

They realize that if power continues to be concentrated at the top, at some point the masses will rebel.

In order to prevent that from happening, they used their vast wealth to engineer society in a way that would restrict the ambitions and abilities the “lower castes”.

And this is the context in which the War on Men should be viewed.

It’s not coming from feminists.

It’s coming straight from the top — from a small elite of (overwhelmingly male) financiers, industrialists and government officials who have successfully changed society from a free market democracy to a collectivist oligarchy.


Why are they so afraid of masculinity?

Because men start wars and fight in revolutions. Women don’t.

Historically, male biology has always been a threat to established systems of power, because red-blooded males have a latent desire to get laid, raise hell and make a mark on the world.

These kinds of impulses brings them into direct conflict with the current system — which is based on oligarchical collectivism.

This is why corporations put hormone-destabilizing endocrine-disrupters in everything from our food to common household products.

It’s why the World Health Organization (read: the United Nations) is telling children as young as 6 to masturbate — despite evidence that masturbation substantially lowers testosterone levels among men.

It’s why modern American men have lower testosterone than at any time in history.

It’s not an accident, folks.

The elites are waging a multi-decade war on biological maleness itself — by lowering testosterone levels in the male population using every means at their disposal.


Their goal is to make you feel small and pathetic, because it makes you easier to control.

This is why the mainstream media is pushing a radical feminist agenda which makes young boys hate themselves so much that they’re eager to cut their own genitals off.

It’s about stripping men of their pride and dignity, while reducing the biological differences between the sexes.

In this way, the elites have succeeded in uprooting the masculine values of hard work, self-denial and military discipline on which our society was founded, and on which liberty depends.

In their place, the elites have promoted new, softer, feminine values.

Instead of individualism and personal achievement, schools now promote “teamwork” and “cooperation” — values which are more favorable to an oligarchical way of life than the idea of individualism promoted by the American founding fathers.

In place of self-discipline and will-power, the media promotes indulgence in luxury and depravity.

Thus have the elites created a docile and submissive populace.

A populace which would be unlikely to rise up and resist them, because they’re totally enslaved to all their petty desires.

A populace which would be more interested in slowly rotting as they watched reality TV than in challenging the corruption and regulatory capture which allows predatory private interests to loot the system from within.

This is why the Rockefellers funded Women’s Studies.

This is why Goldman Sachs supports so many “feminist” causes.

And this is why many of you:

  • can’t get laid
  • can’t get a girlfriend
  • can’t stop her cheating on you when you do

In large part, it’s not your fault.

Your weakness and passivity is the result of a vast experiment in social engineering, designed to purge you of everything that is real and natural, while putting in its place a growth of the unreal and unnatural.

The elites have set in motion a cultural and biological program to de-masculinize us on a vast scale.

They’ve turned us into “men in quotation marks”. And women can’t get wet for “men in quotation marks”. They can only get wet for men.

In Part II, I’ll discuss how to fight back, while dampening women’s panties at the same time.

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