NEW WORLD ORDER, Part I: What If The Illuminati Are The Good Guys?



“He who knows only his side of the case, knows little even of that.”

— John Stuart Mill

This is a blog for men about how to pick up women. Mostly, it deals with the topic of sexual strategy and self-improvement.

But over the coming days, I am going to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to talk about something completely different.

This series will discuss a popular “conspiracy theory” which states that:

1. There is a group of powerful individuals who are secretly controlling world events behind the scenes

2. This “secret society” is composed of bankers, business magnates, and officials of the military industrial complex

3. The aim of this secret conspiracy is to bring about a “One World Government” which will be ruled through totalitarian means

4. The popular understanding of current events and history is largely based upon ignorance and naivety. In reality, most major world events do not happen spontaneously, but are planned years in advance by a handful of men.

Is there any truth to this so-called “conspiracy theory”?

In my view, there is. 

Before I tell you why I say that, let me briefly give you some background on me.

For those who don’t know, I graduated summa cum laude in History from the leading university in my country.

I used to think the idea of the world being dominated and controlled by a few dozen men was absurd.

After all, most men find it difficult enough controlling even their own wives — let alone entire continents of people.

It seemed to me that most of the men who talked of a “secret society” that controlled everything were failures, and that they had invented a complex narrative of oppression in order to justify and excuse their inability to organize their own lives.

My view changed when, in my senior year of college, I decided to do my dissertation on the founding of the Bank of England.

In the course of that research, I learned many things about the banking system which surprised and shocked me.

Some of those things made it into the dissertation I submitted (for which I was later awarded a large cash prize by my university). But most of them didn’t.

I started to become convinced that there was a secret principle behind modern history which most historians were completely unaware of.

It became apparent to me that because of a certain feature in the way that money and banking is set up, it is possible for a small group of men to create economic crises at will.

Having triggered a crash in prices — these same conspirators can then buy up all the property and assets they like at fire sale prices, and essentially establish a monopoly over the means of production.

And it seemed to me that just such a “combination” of powerful men in control of the money supply had been the secret, driving force of history ever since 1694.   

They created and dominated the British Empire.

And when the British Empire began to crumble, they shifted their base of operations from London to New York — where they immediately set about building up the United States as a militarized global empire, based upon the British model.

The existence of this secret elite has always been suspected by the general public.

Throughout history, this faction have been known by such names as the Round Table Group, the Rhodes crowd, the Combination, the Standard Oil crowd, the Firm, or simply, the Establishment.

The origins of this group were hinted at by Jefferson when he said that “banking establishments are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.” 

In our own day, this powerful faction are often lumped into the general rubric of “the elites”, the “globalists”, the “1% of the the 1%”, the “deep state”, or, on the fringes, the “Illuminati” or “New World Order”.



I have been researching this area for more than half a decade, and in the process I have come to the following conclusion:

1. There is indeed a “secret society” of powerful bankers and industrialists whose influence dominates the globe and who are trying to establish a New World Order

2. The New World Order is, on balance, a good thing for humanity in the long-run

3. The ultimate aims of the NWO are noble and wise, even if their methods are occasionally brutal and horrific

These conclusions will no doubt surprise and revolt many of you.

Those of you who don’t believe in “conspiracies” will think I’m a fool for saying the New World Order exists.

And those of you who do believe there is an “Illuminati” secretly controlling world events will think I’m a fool (or a shill) for saying they’re somehow the “good guys”.

From a PR standpoint, my position is lose-lose.

But I’m going to argue it anyway, for the simple reason that I believe the conclusions I’ve come to are inescapable when all the information is known.

Plus, I write this blog at least partially to entertain myself, and I think that exploring this topic will be fun.

So let’s get started.


First of all, we need to define the term “New World Order”.

The problem of definition is an important one, because if we can’t begin by strictly defining what the NWO is, we’ll constantly be talking at cross-purposes in trying to analyze it.

For example, there are some people who say the NWO is really a tribe of intergalactic humanoid lizards who are centered around the British royal family.

There are others who connect the NWO to the idea of satanic rituals and cults, or to banking dynasties like the Rothschilds, who are thought to have controlled the world for the last hundred years while keeping the power within their families.

Although I find all these theories entertaining (and, to different degrees, compelling), most of them play fast and loose with the facts.

So here’s how I define the NWO:

When I talk about the New World Order, I am referring to a plan to create a World Government, ruled by a single planetary elite. 

This plan is not new, and the Rothschilds did not invent it.

Men have been working towards the attainment of this aim for centuries.


Take out a dollar bill.

Look at the Latin inscription just below the pyramid.

What do you see?

Novus Ordo Seclorum — which translates as a “A New Order For The Ages”

On the other side you see the words E Pluribus UnumOut Of Many, One”.

This can be taken to mean a number of things — not all of which imply a conspiracy.

But it can easily be interpreted as referring to a secret plan to create a World Government: i.e., from many nations, one single and undivided empire.


Read the words of the Founding Fathers.

Here’s Adams writing to Jefferson in 1813:

“Our pure, virtuous, public spirited, federative republic will last forever, govern the globe and introduce the perfection of man.”

— quoted in American Foreign Policy And Its Thinkers, Perry Anderson, p. 4

The plan to create a New World Order is not new, and those who pursue it are following a line of work that goes back at least two hundred years.


The creation of America was only the beginning of this plan.

America was ultimately to become a world empire, which would unite the globe under a single planetary power, based upon the free market system.

As of 2017, this has been partially accomplished, but for those pursuing the plan, there is still a lot more to do.

Generally speaking, these people talk in code.

Their goal is to create a World State, but they can never say that openly without terrifying people.

So instead they use the term global governance.”

Most people do not realize that the developed world is already largely governed as a single entity, and that its rules are not determined by democratic decision making.

As Matt Ridley, the science writer and a member of the British House of Lords writes:

“The growth of international bureaucracies with power to determine many aspects of people’s lives is a dominant feature of our age.

Even the European Union is increasingly powerless, as it merely transmits to its member states rules set at higher levels.

Food standards, for example, are decided by a United Nations body called the Codex Alimentarius.

The rules of the banking industry are set by a committee based in Basel in Switzerland.

Financial regulation is set by the Financial Stability Board in Paris.

I bet you have not heard of the World Forum for the Harmonisation of Vehicle Regulations, a subsidiary of the UN.”

— Matt Ridley, The Evolution of Everything


Most people would also be surprised to learn that just 6 companies control 90% of the media.

Control over the news and public opinion is more concentrated than at any other time in history.

A few years ago, people thought the internet would reverse these trends by giving people access to more information, but the opposite has been the result.

Now, platforms like Facebook and Google only expose us to articles and news that confirm our existing prejudices.

This fragments popular resistance by ensuring that everyone is divided along lines that are usually meaningless, like identity politics.

For example, liberals thought the “Tea Party” was racist.

Conservatives thought “Occupy Wall St” was idiotic and economically naive.

Yet if you actually listened to them, both sides had more in common with each than they thought.

The things these groups had in common (namely, disgust with the bank bailouts) were what made them a threat to the NWO.

This is why in 2008, we saw the resurgence of identity politics and “political correctness”. It was engineered from the top down, to split  popular resistance to the system that emerged after 2008. And it worked well for a long time.

So long as you can get liberals and conservatives into passionate arguments about transgender traffic lights, they’ll never unite over the things they have in common, and so they’ll never threaten the system.

This fragmentation of popular opinion into insular and extremist views is the ultimate tool of power for the Illuminati, because a divided populace is easier to control.

The tactic itself is one of the oldest governmental and military techniques in history. The Romans called it divide et imperaDivide and Rule.


Who actually controls the system? Who is pushing the plan for a “New World Order”?

Increasingly, they’re coming to be called the deep state.

From Wikipedia: 

Writers, journalists, political scientists and political activists in the United States have for decades expressed concerns about the existence of a deep state or state within a state, which they suspect secretly controls public policy, regardless of which political party controls the country’s democratic institutions.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]

According to Philip Giraldi, the nexus of power is centered on the military–industrial complex, intelligence community, and Wall Street,[11] while Bill Moyers points to plutocrats and oligarchs.[12] Professor Peter Dale Scott also mentions “big oil” as a key player,[13] while David Talbot focuses on national security officials, especially Allen Dulles.[14] 

I will be using the terms “deep state” and “NWO” interchangeably because in my opinion they’re the same thing.

You can’t understand the actions of the deep state unless you know that their plan is to create a world government.

And you can’t understand how that world government will look until you understand who the deep state are, and what motivates them.

The deep state is:

1. Powerful interests within finance and industry, centered in Wall Street

2. The US defense and intelligence establishment (CIA, Department of Defense, Homeland Security, NSA, etc)

3. Government bureaucrats in State, Treasury, and other important offices

Here’s a video of Mike Lofgren, a veteran Republican congressional staffer, explaining how the deep state works:

See also:

Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change.

The American Deep State: An Interview With Peter Dale Scott


I have come to the conclusion that the underlying long-term aims of the NWO are as follows:

#1. To maintain and deepen the power of the American Empire

#2. To ensure, by force if necessary, that the US Dollar remains the effective reserve currency of the world

#3. To spread free market capitalism and liberal democracy to every country in the world (in that order)

#4. To unite all the nations of the earth in a World Government which will in effect function as a planetary empire ruled by the United States — not unlike a technologically advanced version of the Roman Empire

Furthermore, I believe that these aims are basically good.


Let me start by saying that:

— I am not a US citizen

— nor do I live in the United States (I’m Irish)

— nor does it benefit me professionally to declare my support for an institution (American imperialism) which is detested by the vast majority of ordinary people in Europe and America alike

So what reason could I possibly have for being pro-American imperialism?

Simple. I’ve studied history.

99% of human history is nothing but violence and warfare and the constant suffering and degeneration that it produces.

And most of this violence and war arises from and because of the absence of a single centralized power.

It is better to live under an empire that will keep the peace than it is to live in a territory which is contested by competing warlords (middle ages), or by rival nation states (20th century).

If you disagree with this fact, you are naive.


Maybe you object that while an empire may provide peace and order internally, empires are usually violent towards peoples and nations who it has not yet been able to establish dominance over.

To which I say, so be it.

In order to make an omelette, you’ve got to break a few eggs.

In the latest Star Wars movies, there’s a great exchange between Direct Krennic (a high-up Imperial official), and one of his skeptical subordinates:

Krennic: “We were on the verge of greatness. We were this close to providing peace and security for the galaxy.”

Galen: “You’re confusing peace with terror.”

Krennic: “Well you have to start somewhere.”

It’s a wonderful line, and even though it’s mouthed by the movie’s principal villain, there’s a lot of truth in it.

Those who oppose American imperialism are simply naive about history, and about the reality of man’s nature.

They think that the world is puppies and butterflies and that if only America would stop starting all those darn “unnecessary” wars, we’d all be living in a wonderful utopia where the different races of the world hold hands in a big circle around the globe.

I’ve got news for you, friend. That’s not how the real world works.

The real world is a constant and unceasing struggle for power between nations and the men who dominate them.

Throughout 99% of human history, people were ruled over by warlords and roving gangs who raped and murdered with impunity and took what they wanted from the people.

Over time, some of these roving bandit became settled bandits, and became immensely powerful, until eventually they started calling themselves governments.

When one of these governments becomes so powerful that it rules over all the rest, it calls itself an empire.

And only when there is one, unchallenged empire can peace and security be guaranteed.


Empires are not perfect. They usually feature many injustices — both hidden and unhidden.

But historically, as empires go, the American empire is without a doubt the single best empire in world to live under in terms of living standards and personal freedom.

(So long as you don’t use violence to threaten its vital strategic interests, that is.)

Global living standards are higher today than in all of human history, and getting better.


Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

If you’re living under an empire (which you are), and if that empire provides you with a high standard of living (which it does — living standards are higher today than at any other time in human history) then you shouldn’t meddle in its affairs.

Jesus lived under the Roman empire.

He told his followers, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.”

Meaning: pay your taxes, obey the law, and don’t cause trouble for the state by fomenting rebellions.


Because it will only cause you harm, and will ultimately be a distraction from a life well lived.

Elsewhere Jesus was more direct:

“Let every person be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God and those which exist are established by God.”

I am not a “religious” person, but I am baffled by those who call themselves Christians yet constantly rant and rave against the New World Order.

Read Christ’s words.

If the New World Order are the governing power (which they are), then Christ is saying that they are such because they were established by God.

I personally think when Jesus says rulers are “established by God”, he basically means that the ruling power in any society has gotten to become that way due to certain natural laws, and that to revolt against the powers that be is equivalent to revolting against the natural order.


You cannot understand the New World Order without recognizing that it is a synonym for the American Empire.

And you cannot understand the American Empire unless you understand its core and primary purpose — which is to be the guarantor of global capital, and to create a single world state which will ensure free markets and rationalize international regulation.

The American Empire is the militarized carapace of global capital.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

American militarism was not created by generals and presidents, but by bankers and lawyers.

Its purpose is not to extract taxation from foreign lands like the Roman empire did, but simply to give American businessmen (and businessmen from everywhere else) access to world markets, so that they can work their magic and, in pursuing their own self-interest, create higher living standards for everyone in the process.

John Foster Dulles, writing to a colleague in the 1930s, summed up the ultimate rationale of New World Order globalism this way:

“The fact of the matter is that most of these politicians are highly insular and nationalistic and because the political organization of the world has under such influence been so backward, business people who have had to cope realistically with international problems have had to find ways for getting through and around stupid political barriers.”

— John Foster Dulles to Lord McGowan, Chairman of Imperial Chemical Industries, quoted in The American Deep State, Peter Dale Scott

The American Empire exists to preserve and extend free market capitalism around the world.

And this is a good thing — because free markets are historically the only reliable predictor of such goods as democracy, freedom of speech, libertarian laws, high rates of innovation in technology and science, and all the other things that make today the best time in human history to be alive.

And that is the reason that I find myself increasingly sympathetic to the aims of the NWO — if always not to their methods, which are occasionally brutal and unjust.

In short:

New World Order = American global rule.

American global rule = capitalism, free markets and democracy

Capitalism and democracy = greater incentives for innovation and creativity, resulting in higher living standards


Now, of course there are contradictions in what I’m saying.

Oftentimes, the NWO works against democracy — both at home and abroad.

Internationally, the U.S. starts illegal wars, while the CIA uses clandestine means to topple democratically elected regimes and install dictatorships, like they did in Iran in 1950s.

At home, the deep state institutes ominous plans like COG (Continuity of Government planning) to militarize Homeland Security and bring the country under marshall law in the event of a vaguely defined “emergency.”

And sometimes the New World Order and its proxies even subvert free market capitalism itself (creation of the Federal Reserve… the bank bailouts of 2008… the list goes on).

But you have to understand that this is chess, not checkers.

The men who rule the world got to be where they are because they have the ability to think about things from a long-term perspective.

It is important to bear this in mind whenever analyzing the aims and methods of the NWO.

Every one of them, to a man, has a bias towards long-term thinking. That’s what allowed each of them to become a member of the ruling global elite in the first place.

They’re playing chess, not checkers. The game is one of grand strategy.

And to win over all and create a better outcome for everyone in the long run, sometimes you’ve got to take measures in the short run that won’t be pretty.


Overall, the net result of the multi-century project to create a New Word Order has been (and will be) to create a world which is freer and more prosperous than at any other time in human history.

And if that is the net result of the New World Order, then I personally don’t care how malevolent their aims and methods are, or how “corrupt” and “self-interested” any of these individuals may be personally.

Let me repeat that:

If the net result of the NWO is more freedom and higher living standards for ordinary people overall, then I don’t care if it’s being ruled over by Darth Vader himself.

I really don’t.

I just care about what system is going to give the best possible life to the greatest number of people.

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4 thoughts on “NEW WORLD ORDER, Part I: What If The Illuminati Are The Good Guys?”

  1. I’m glad that someone else is prepared to go beyond quotidian morality and see the elite for who and what they are. There had always been an elite that have steered humanity who have worked to very long term plans. The Reformation was a 500 year old plan; the opening up of the Freemasons to public applicants and invitees was a 300 year plan. The Russian Revolution was the start of a 100 year plan. The formation of The Tavistock Institute in the UK in 1947 was the start of a 70 year plan. The Elite are masters of reflexive control; the anti-globalists of the 21st Century think they are fighting the global elite, t they are merely acting according to their plan.

    We think about humans, they think about humanity

  2. Your right about the Illuminati being the good guys. And your right about them wanting a nwo . but what you don’t understand is that the deep state Is not the Illuminati. The Illuminati was a group of free thinkers like Pythagoras and Frederick Nietzsche who were secretly planning to overthrow the deep state who they call the owo . old world order. The owo use the name of their enemies who are the real illuminati. This has been going on forever and the deep state is the ones that puts propaganda slandering the Illuminati to make everyone fear a nwo. All the Illuminati wanted to do was unite the world under a new religion of truth so everyone can reach their full potential .the Illuminati oppose the Zionist and the bankers and the modern tyranny that has been going on for thousands of years. They were the true friend to humanity. The elite fear the Illuminati and will do whatever they can to make people hate them. Including accusing them of everything that they are doing right now. Nobody knows who the real Illuminati is . the name Illuminati means the enlightened ones . they want humanity to be all they can be. But as long as we have this deep state and their world order, it will never happen.

  3. I didn’t read the full article, but I don’t believe their agenda is merely capitalistic. They despise that which they consider to be ungodly. They see no difference between good and evil, they only see higher thought and lower thought. They want to rid the world of lower thought, but not by enlightening the masses like Jesus did. Instead, they want to subjugate the masses and revel in how pure they are. Also, Jesus never said that about taxes. This was added at the council of Nicea by Constantinople, an OG Illuminati. In fact the name Jesus Christ was invented at the Council of Nicea, we do not know Jesus’s real name.

  4. Yeah the only thing I’m concerned about with the NWO is the whole end of the world bullshit, mark of the beast and demon locusts aren’t really my cup of tea. I mean I get what you’re saying, but prophecy is prophecy.

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